The Dinah Recap


by Ashley Mumford

As we’ve mentioned before, Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden was invited to OML’s Battle of the Lesbian Web Series at this year’s Dinah Shore Weekend (March 30th – April 3rd), and we had no clue what to expect.  After much anticipation, some of the OJBG gang got a chance to see first hand what the Dinah is all about—and they were not disappointed.  Check out this video, a compilation of red carpet moments, with a brief (and I mean BRIEF) appearance from Otessa!

Did you catch that? If not, here’s a screen grab.

Otessa, the Wizard, and Jesse Swire (who plays Slake) are still recovering from their romp in Palm Springs; but I was able to wrangle some photos that Otessa took throughout the weekend (with captions from the photog herself).

Lobby of the Riviera [Hotel]

The White Diamonds Party at the Dinah

Chandelier (it was pretty!) at the Riviera Hotel / White Diamonds Party

Those ladies really did drink at the Dinah. Here is proof.

Me with Renee from “Seeking Simone”, at Saturday’s Battle

Me with Tatum from “Cherrybomb”, at the Battle

Goodbye Palm Springs!

Here’s a photo of Otessa, the Wizard, and Jesse competing fiercely in Saturday’s Battle.  If you want to see more, has a ton of photos from the Battle, as well as the Celesbian Dodge Ball game.


Otessa and the OJBG Team are super grateful for the unforgettable experience.  Hopefully, Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden will be invited again next year!… And next time, we’ll be prepared!

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