by Otessa

Kurt holding his kitten, Spina Bifida

I can’t believe this day almost passed me by; and, if it weren’t for blogger Lauren of fashiongrunge.com , it would have. But, it was 17 years ago today that Kurt Cobain passed away. And I remember the day in shocking detail.  And I bet that most of you from my generation do too… where you were, what you were doing, when the news hit like a tidal wave that broke our hearts, leaving us adrift.

I was at my friend Eliza’s house. (I had spent the night, which in retrospect seems odd, because it was a school night). But there I was — there we were — watching Liquid Television.  Somewhere between Liquid Television’s “The Head” and “Aeon Flux”, Kurt Loder interrupted our programming. Watching the MTV tribute, the phone rang and rang as one friend after another called — in shock, in disbelief, to pass on the news. It was sudden & instantaneous group knowledge & sympathy, in an age before the internet or text messaging, twitter or facebook.

The next day at school was somber and set to a Nirvana soundtrack with music blaring from boomboxes in student lounges and from the leaky headphones of discmen.

What is remarkable is that I remember this all so clearly – like how my parents’ generation describes where they were when Neil & Buzz walked on the moon, or when Kennedy was shot – remembering everything so clearly, as though time had slowed down enough for every moment to crystalize and be counted, and for each impression to settle into memory.

So this is just a small tribute to Kurt, whose lasting importance and legacy are marked by such memory.

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