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By: Ariel

The most consistent new years resolution I’ve had and failed to achieve my entire life is “eating better”. Now that I’m older, I’m proud to say my mom doesn’t have to force me to eat vegetables anymore. The great aspect of Washington D.C. is that the “foodie” culture applies all types of diets. Today, I got a chance to stop by Yola, which is a cute coffee shop/ restaurant that serves healthy and tasty food.

They have a wide spectrum of menu delicacies including yogurt parfaits (similar to Pink Berry for my California readers) smoothies, coffee, and not so common deserts.

I ordered a Regular Berry Superfood smoothie which includes:





Orange Juice

Yogurt (greek is an option)

It is definitely an acquired taste. Especially for someone who is not used to this combination of ingredients or may have never had Kale before. Nevertheless, it gets delicious about half way through. I also ordered a chocolate zucchini muffin which has absolute no trace of a zuccini taste. Delicious. I will be back. When you get a chance visit Yola (and say Ariel sent you there… just kidding).

1323 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20036

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