Happy Easter! Here Comes Season 4!

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by Ashley Mumford

There will be two things to celebrate over the next few days. Easter Sunday, of course, AND the return of Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden! OJBG certainly pales in comparison to the resurecction of Christ, and maybe even easter baskets. But we’re excited, nonetheless, for the start of our fourth season on Monday, April 25th!

Season 3 left off with Davis facing humiliation as he gets stood up by Alex. The poor guy just wanted to cook her breakfast after he made the nice gesture of: helping the drunken girl through a window, keeping drunkey puke out of her hair, and settling her drunkeness with ginger ale and crackers. Maybe the not so sexy kiss was prize enough, but she could have at least pretended to enjoy his pancakes…

Well, we won’t get to see what happens with them just yet, as Season 4 will begin with the Gwen and Sarah saga. We FINALLY get to see what’s next for the pair after their huge fight, and Gwen and Ryan’s little prank. To get prepped for the new season, and relive Sarah and Yasmine’s horror, take a look at the last episode that featured Gwen and Sarah, “Best Served Cold.” See you on Monday! We hope you like the new season!

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