80′s vs. 90′s (Part 1, perhaps?!)


By: Carmen T. Shamwell

Sometimes I wish I could have been in a teenager in the 80’s so I could compare, contrast and do quantitative and qualitative analyses of the difference between the two. Both decades are undeniably awesome, but both are unabashedly horrific in their own ways. Fashions from both eras cause me to reminisce fondly and grimace horribly simultaneously. I thought acid wash jeans were the ish until super baggy jeans were the “thing” to wear in the early to mid 90′s. *insert horrible grimace here* Conversely, I single-handedly (I’d like to think) brought leg-warmers back in style in 2004 and I love wearing neon tanks under more muted colors to make my outfit pop.

When you think about it, they just really overdid back then: 80’s – legwarmers PLUS a pair of pink tights PLUS a tutu PLUS a cropped & studded feux leather jacket or 90’s: a neon pink scrunchie (don’t get me started on scrunchies!), a pair of neon green keds, scrunched sweat socks, high waisted jean skorts, and a flannel shirt. Grimaces and cringes galore!

Personally, I’d like to think that we make better style choices nowadays, but I’m sure they’ll have something to criticize about 2011 in 2041!

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