High School Intern Edition: The Next Fresh Princess?


By: Ally Bailey

So we have Will, Jada, and now the next two Smith sensations:  Jaden and Willow. Everyone knows Jaden after his multiple movie performances, particularly those where he costars with his family, but now we have the teenpop sensation Willow with ‘Whip My Hair’ , the sinfully catchy song geared to tweens everywhere.  Willow has become the pre-teen of the moment, with record sales on her new single skyrocketing anywhere with girls under the age of 13. It’s nice to look at the offspring of two talented actors follow in the footsteps of their parents, but as you watch the teenyboppers prance the stage it’s hard not to feel just a little wistful for the Fresh Prince himself.

“In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days…” With that first riff, everyone knew they were hooked.  With Will Smith’s hypnotically charming character paired with the hilarity of the written script, The Fresh Prince struck us starry-eyed. Who could resist Carleton’s Tom Jones impersonation, or Will’s dastardly adventures with DJ Jazzy Jeff? (who, by the way, has the coolest name in the history of television). Answer: no one in their right mind.  The Fresh Prince of Belair exemplified the best parts of childhood, mixing the sweet and heavy sides of growing up in a way that played to both humor and heartfeltness.  And of course, the clothes and music was pretty cool too.  All those neon-green work-out track suits and paisley silk shirts combined with Will Smith rapping about getting beat up on a playground? Let’s be honest.  The Fresh Prince of Belair was and is one of the coolest shows on TV, because it brings us back to what we loved about the decade of the 90s, whilst displaying some truly hilarious and talented acting.  So while it’s cool to watch Will’s kids be handed the torch of media enthrallment, let’s not forget who it was that sparked the fire in the first place.

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