The Material Girl vs Lady Gaga?


By Matt Harmelin

Today marked an important date in the lives of million of Lady Gaga fans, known as little monsters, as the artists dropped her most anticipated single yet called “Born This Way.” Gaga herself has called it a GLBT anthem and with such high anticipation, it’s no wonder that the reactions have been so strong. Most people are either loving or hating. I’m somewhere in the middle because I do like the songs message and think the lyrics are pretty good but the beat itself is so-so and a little too all over the place. Those who are not so in love with the single are saying it sounds too much like the 90′s work of another musical icon, Madonna. So I decided to put Gaga’s song and “Vogue” the 1990 song by Madonna on here to allow a direct comparison. Take a listen to both and tell us what you think. Is this Lady Gaga’s most original piece ever or is she taking too much from the material girls page?

“Born this Way” by Lady Gaga

“Vogue” by Madonna

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