High School Intern Edition: That 70′s show


By: John Ghadar

One show that I believe relates to Orange Juice in Bishops Garden would be That 70′s Show. The overall of the series is a bunch of friends just being young adults, making fun of each other, driving around, drinking. These aren’t the only things that make this series great but I guess I would say that that it is unlike OJ in BG because the adults have a rather large role in the series. However, a few of the characters we are told have families but never see them or hear them. This show is hilarious and whiles there’s very little plot, it follows the minuscule things like breaking up or fights between friends. I couldn’t believe why it ended when I first watched it but all good things must come to an end eventually. When OJ in BG first began I thought maybe this is going to be a 90′s version of the show, and I feel it has done a fairly good job. Props to you That 70′s Show and to Orange Juice in Bishops Garden as well.

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