High School Intern Edition: OJ in BG 1st episode

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By: John Ghadar

I love Orange Juice but I love Orange Juice in Bishops Garden two times as much! If I had to choose my favorite episode of Orange Juice would probably have to be the first episode in the first season, where it all began. I enjoy the episode not only because a few of the actors in it I knew personally, but because I found that the beginning was unlike other beginnings. It didn’t start slow, it hopped right into the plot showing us what the series would be about, a bunch of kids in Washington living in the point of view that most parents don’t see. All of the scenes in the first episode I found interesting and very catchy with the Orange Juice in Bishops Garden theme song. Great way to start off the series with my favorite episode and hopping right into the plot! See what I’m talking about right here.

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  • Laura

    I love going back, too… the show has come a long way, tho! Love it!