High School Intern Edition: Girl Magazines, as Seen from the Guy’s POV


By: John Ghadar

The usual girl magazines from Vogue to Glamour may be very interesting and informing for the female species of this planet who read it but some of us guys who read it don’t have the same thoughts. I just attempted to find pictures for our Ezine in a few girl magazines (Glamour, Vogue, Teen Vogue, In Style, Etc.), The only words that came to my mind with each page I flipped through were “What the hell is going on here?” We had more of a 90′s/graduation theme and throughout every single magazine I looked through I saw someone with skinny jeans and big sunglasses, if I knew better this would be somewhat close to the 90′s. After that comes the picture where the girl is either surrounded by many shirtless guys, standing on a beach covered with sand, or my favorite doing a dramatic pose that is supposed to make her seem “Sexier” (but in the end only making her look really stupid and if I were a girl I would never want to buy what she was wearing). Still these are the usual things that make guys think “she would be so hot if she wasn’t posing and looking like the biggest freak ever.” Somehow it reverses into the minds of girls and they must end up thinking “OMG OMG OMG I NEED THIS DRESS IT’S SOOOOOOOO CUTE!” but really I’m looking at the girl who looks like she’s about to fall down in pain from either posing like she is or the dress is just uncomfortable. For some of the people reading this wondering why I’m in a sense “bitching”, it’s because I spent 30 minutes looking for graduation pictures in about 5-7 different magazines and every pages was a new maze and I never even finished the first one. So I rest my case by saying to the girls who read these magazines; Do you really understand what your looking at or do you just want to spend your money on something you may not even wear one time just for the sake of saying “Oh I have that!”?

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