Everyone Loves A Good Comeback


90′s fashion (the good…the bad…the ugly) is simply refusing to die!! Our top three faves in no particular order:


- the definition of 90′s era too-cool-for-the-world hipsters… defined by the NY Times as

“This generation of greasy Caucasian youths in ripped jeans, untucked flannel and stomping boots spent their formative years watching television, inhaling beer or pot, listening to old Black Sabbath albums and dreaming of the day they would trade in their air guitars for the real thing, so that they, too, could become famous rock-and-roll heroes.”

Lumberjack chic has been making a return from the runways to celebrities…


Once not so long ago, Justin and Britney stepped out in head to toe matching denim…fashion critics shuttered and the trend disappeared… until now! The Denim chambrey shirt with skinny jeans combo can be seen on waifish Brit it girl Alexis Chung.


Whether tied around the waist or layered under leather on top, flannel was the ultimate 90s must have… A simple woolen button-down shirt came to define the generation and came the fashion statement to define homeless chic. Untucked, unwashed and thifited the shirts symbolized the “I don’t give a s*** attitude” of the 90s teen.

Today, flannel shirts are once again an obligatory item for any Brooklyn hipster. However, NEW and IMPROVED models are making an appearance- including cropped tops, flannel skirts and dresses!

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