The New Normal


By Matt Harmelin
While perusing the net recently, I came across an interesting sounding article about gay teens on television that’s that cover story of this week’s Entertainment Weekly. While I don’t read the magazine on a regular basis this caught my eye since it sounds like a pretty deep and interesting piece. Starting with the phenomenon Glee and the characters of Kurt and Blaine, it then shifts to look back at the beginning of gay teens on television with shows like My so-called Life and the character of Rickie in the mid 90′s Additionally, the article discusses the future of gay visibility on TV and why it still has a long way to go before its equal to heterosexual visibility. One of the more important things I took away from reading about this piece is how the earlier shows like My so-called Life helped pave the way for us to have characters like Gwen and Sarah and to have episodes like this.

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