Not Everything Was Cooler in the 90′s


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With the recent repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t tell” in the senate, the US will soon join the ranks of dozens other countries that allow soldiers to serve openly. While the repeal at this point is still just political, and will take at least a year for the army to make preparations for it to become real, it’s still being hailed as a major victory.

By Matt Harmelin

While gay and lesbian Americans still face other battles, such as same-sex marriage and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, gay rights have still progressed greatly since first becoming visible in the 90′s. In fact, it was in the early 90′s that the discriminatory policy was put into law and reflected a time period where gay rights were not given serious thought by most.

The relationship between Gwen and Sarah on OJBG is a fan favorite; we’ve gotten a tremendous response from women all around the world.  It’s great to know that we’re one step closer to the day when a moment like this one, between Gwen and Sarah, is not seen as controversial:

Check out the following article to see the long and theatrical journey that DADT had to go through before finally being repelled:

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