Winter is here and I dont like it & just want to eat carbs


Is anyone else feeling exhausted? Like they were used to mop the floors with?

So here at OJBG HQ, we are feeling it… the cold weather, the wind, the lack of sun, the B-vitamin deficiency.

Anyways, so in light of the onset of “Winter Weariness”– we have compiled a 100% fool-proof and jank-tastic mix for you all. This is compiled by Ashley, Lauren, Kathryn, and myself (Otessa (:

1. John Maus: “Do Your Best”

2. Freelance Whales: “Hannah”

also check out this cool fan music video by a fellow-web-series-creator:

3. The Knife: “Heartbeats”

4. The Naked & Famous: “Young Blood”

5. Broadcast: “Poem of a Dead Song”

6. J*DaVeY: : “Get Together”

J*DaVeY “Get Together” from Veronica “V-Chip” Hinds on Vimeo.

7. Small Black: “Crisp 100′s”

8. Voxtrot: “The Start of Something”

PS We also recommend drinking GingerBerry KOMBUCHA. It is the most re-vitalizing Hippie-Crack and we swear by it.

It's a new lease on life. For serious.

[By Otessa]

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