Fresh Goes Better


I’ll be honest; I was never really a fan of Mentos. This could of stemmed from the fact that the commercials made them seem like some kind of radioactive super power containing candy. Looking back on it, if that had been the Mentos tag line, I’d probably have eaten a hell of a lot more than I have. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gained any cognitive ability or insight when I’ve bitten into a Mentos. The only benefit I’ve ever gotten out of a Mentos was being able to prank my friends with the “diet coke and Mentos trick.”(God, that’ll never get old)

Anyway lets get into the real nostalgia of Mentos, take this 90’s Mentos commercial for example.

It seems like commercials of the 21st century have stopped coming up with catchy little jingles. In one light, I kinda miss them. In the other, I’m so glad I’ll never have to hear the Mentos band against my will again.

Onto the characters: The protagonist looks like he’s straight out of American Pyscho. There is an idea of a Mentos Man; some kind of abstraction. But there is no real Mentos Man; only a vessel, something pictorial… you get the point. Everything in this commercial seems so chiseled and perfect that it’s hard to even tell that the main character isn’t actually a walking manikin. Don’t think this is some kind of stand alone commercial; cause there’s like 10 of them, and they’re all just as creepy as the last. I think Mentos was trying to front a movement to change the phrase “liquid courage” into “Mentos courage”, but that’s just my opinion. I still can’t discern if it’s sporting a pure or twisted message of Mentos. The kid is literally addicted to Mentos. It’s fricken scary. I’m almost positive that if the camera had continued shooting, we’d have seen everyone in the Mall pop’n Mentos like they were painkillers or something…

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