The Best Week Ever!!


It has been sooo busy here at OJBG headquarters… and its only Monday?!?!?

First… Season 3 OFFICALLY premieres today!!! The LONG and tedious wait is finally over. Check out Koldcast to see the FIRST episode. The OJBG teens finally graduate…watch the pomp and circumstance. Gwen and Sarah’s relationship complication grow further… a friend present??? And graduation means the rise of the NEW kids.

Second, not one but TWO new stories about OJBG just went live on the web. Digital Chick just did an interview with Otessa all about her inspiration behind the series and updates on Season 3. Check it out at!! and BYT has just published their beyond amazing profile of Otessa and the show! Way back in the throws of filming, we took a quick break to model it up with Shauna and Libby from BYT.

This is the result…

Check out the article at!! Post a comment about how beyond awesome OJBG is… also check out Libby’s description of the show. I couldn’t have said it any better myself!!

“The series, set in 1990s D.C., follows an ensemble cast during those totally crucial and always entertaining drama-fueled teen years and oh! The costuming! The music! The awkward sexual awakenings! It’s My So-Called Life meets Skins with the bonus of local landmarks so satisfying for District residents with locational inferiority complexes.”

FINALLY, OJBG is hosting a screening party this Saturday, November 13th at the Cleveland Park Firehook Bakery (3411 Connective Ave). Come at 4 pm for hot chocolate, yummy deserts and footage from Season 3.

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