Tamagotchi…my only real friend


By Aaron Freidus

I’m sure we all remember that timeless day when we were given our first(and probably last) Tamagotchi, that little egg shaped devil that pre-dated the Furby. It was so cool and foreign(hailing all the way from Japan) too. For many of us, it was our first real taste of responsibility. Boy was that a mistake. There must be an endless graveyard of unfed Tamagotchi pets somewhere in cyberspace.

All he wanted from us was a little care and pampering, but often our social lives didn’t allow for that. Though he was cool and popular, it definitely wasn’t an accessory you wanted to bring to a party.

The logistics of matching a Tamagotchi with a normal wardrobe would have been daunting. BUT let’s be honest…the best party was between you and your Tamagotchi. He taught us to love, laugh, and obsess over things. The ultimate procrastination tool.

If only life was as simple as the Tamagotchi’s. A life summed up into three little rubber buttons. One to feed you, one to bathe you, and one to put you to sleep. Actually I take that back, I kinda like having endless choices and possibilities in life, not to mention free will. Still, it wouldn’t be so bad to have a balance between the two, but I digress.

Even with all of our neglect, you’ll still always hold a dear place in our hearts, Tamagotchi.

Unlimited potential in such a small creature.

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