Posh Spice’s Laughable Singing Career

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I find it comical that Victoria Beckham ever had a singing career. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Spice Girls. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve me jamming out to a recording of Wannabe on a cheap little cassette tape. I idolized those five girls and would never deny that, as a whole, Spice Girls were amazing. They were a hit 90’s pop phenomenon, and I mourn for the group’s ultimate break up… but not over Posh’s disappearance from the music scene. Never. And here are a couple of reasons why:

First of all, Posh was boring. She wasn’t fun like any of the other girls. Always sporting a sour look, Posh was completely uninterested in being bubbly and girly like the other Spice members. Yes, Sporty wasn’t very ‘girly’ either, but I think her high energy and enthusiasm excuses her from wearing those insane platform shoes and tiny, faux-leather skirts (gosh, what were they thinking?). Not to mention, Sporty actually had an amazing voice. Unlike Posh. Which leads us to our next point.

Look at her. She looks so boring.

Posh does not know how sing. Have you ever noticed in many of their songs, each Spice usually has a few moments of personal show-off time where they’d belt out a solo? Posh gets close to zero private airtime. Because she can’t sing.

Girls, what are you wearing?
And lastly, she had that weird hand-pointing pose that made me uncomfortable.

Aren’t you glad that’s over?

Anyway, to sign off, I shall leave you with the following YouTube clip of the first and (thank goodness) single Posh came out with after the Spice breakup in 2001. I hope you enjoy:

Written by Estelle Yuen.

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  • to the fake spice fan

    Posh contributed a lot to the group. You’re not a spice girls fan because if you were, you would know that. For one, Victoria aka Posh Spice, brought melody in the group…. Songs like Naked, Lady is a Vamp, Something Kinda Funny, Move Over, Stop, Say You’ll Be There… To name a few. According to Emma, several solos that Emma(baby spice) sings, Victoria took back up vocals. You can hear it in Denying, Do it, Something Kindof Funny. She had more solos in Step to Me and Do You Think About Me. As far as image goes, not every girl can relate to bubbly, or friendly personas.. Posh was actually my favorite because her birthday is two days from mine, which makes her an Aries. Aries are not friendly, we don’t smile, and we don’t give a shit on people’s opinions, like yours for example. I found her rather funny though, but I can’t fault you on your type of sense of humor. She had a good business sense. According to Geri (ginger spice), with Victoria in the group, nobody could rip them off. Victoria has great business ethics. That’s why she does great in her fashion line. She knows the end and out of the business. I find it funny that I’m the only comment you have so far. You must not have a life because if you did, you wouldn’t make a whole blog about this…. Sayonara