How I spent my 20th Birthday with Tommy Pickles


By Estelle Yuen

So I turned 20 this past weekend, and who did I spend it with? Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, and of course, Angelica… otherwise known as the cartoon characters of the Nickelodeon show, Rugrats.

I guess it was because I realized soon I will be reaching my quarter-life mark. I mourned for my disappearing childhood and wished to relive the good ol’ days when I’d run home and crash on the couch for some numbing after-school television. So on the morning of my twentieth, instead of celebrating my ‘adulthood’ in any sophisticated or adult-like manner, I stayed in my Spongebob pajamas and chewed on a pack of fruit roll ups while watching the first season of Rugrats.

I wondered how many others had similar thoughts of nostalgia. My guess is that there have been quite a few since Netflix had opted to make the series streaming-accessible as opposed to just being available through DVD mailings. I mean they can argue that it’s for the children, but I don’t know many preschool kids who know how to successfully get on a computer and stream television shows. But maybe it’s just because I don’t know that many kids. Needless to say, finding Rugrats online was strange and surprising, but I was thankful for how kind the Netflix team was in considering the kinds of mid- or quarter-life crises their viewers may have.

I eventually grew tired of the baby talk and decided to log off Netflix. After I called the quits, I felt a sense of calm wash over my anxiety and realized now that I’ve had the opportunity to revisit my childhood via cartoons, I was ready to move on. My inner child had been quieted and I was ready to celebrate being an adult.Well, for now, that is. I’m sure sometime in the future I will log onto Netflix’s cartoon stash, with some terrible tooth-rotting candy sitting readily by my side, in hopes of revisiting my childhood all over again.

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