Summer’s Officially Over


It’s done. Terminated. Finished. Wrapped.  Summer 2010 has finally culminated. For us at OJBG, that means the end of our sweat-filled, sleep deprived filming of Season Three.  Though our minds our still trapped in the 90s, we have returned to the present day and to the blogosphere world where we are readying ourselves for the EPIC, LARGER THAN LIFE, and sure to be a little JANKY Season 3 premiere. Stay tuned! Until then, keep checking back for more amazing stories on all things 90′s, DC and film related. To depart, I leave you with a parting shot of summer.  Made even more appropriate with a well-worn pair of Chucks filling the foreground.

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  • Jess

    I am so happy there is going to be another season! Can’t wait!

  • rahrahrah

    can’t wait for season three please please please give a date for when it will premier?????

  • Kathryn

    Check out the premiere of OJ Season Three in early November!! Until then, keep watching our bonus footage. This week is our bubble porn featuring Chloe!