Hide and Go Seek


We came…We conquered…And we covered ourselves in shaving cream, toilet paper and raw eggs. Just another day at OJBG headquarters? Nope.

Last weekend, Bake Sale (formerly known as Las Hermanas) graced us in their presence to film their first music video for their single, “Hide and Go Seek.”

The concept was simple, Bake Sale and its three musicians, Kate, Jill and Julian, play a concert on the Spanish Steps; bringing their indie garage rock to the party goers of Dupont, swaying slightly as they clink their red cups in tune to the surf influenced music.

However, best friends Alex, Remi and Tamsin have others ideas. They are just not okay with Bake Sale wasting their creative genius on a crowd of such blank faced losers. So they devise a plan.

Part 1- Kidnap the Band.

Part 2- Grab multiple rolls of TP and their parent’s car and go crazy.

Part 3- Find narrow back alley and release their artistic creative by painting masterpieces…in shaving cream.

Part 4- Cover each other in the shaving cream and throw eggs EVERYWHERE!!!

Final Goal- Show the band what it’s like to truly have fun. Mission Accomplished.

Thanks again for Las Hermanas/Bake Sale and all the cast and crew that made the shoot an amazing success.

Look out for the music video shortly. In the mean time, you can all check out Las Hermanas at OJBG’s very own concert premiering during Season 3 of the show.

For more info on Las Hermanas and to download their tracks visit: http://www.myspace.com/lashermanasband.

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