We’re BACK…almost. The wait is nearly over. The third season of OJBG is just over a month away.

In Season 3, get ready for…

a rave,

a graduation,

Gwen and Sarah’s budding relationship,

an epic yet inappropriate declaration of love,

an all cast sing along,

amazing 90s fashion,

and MUCH MUCH more!

Don’t worry. You will not have get through October without your weekly OJ fix. We still have four character videos left to roll out that dwelve into the inner feelings of Maggie, Roxanne, Gwen and Chloe. A new character video will air each Monday for the next four weeks.

Shh…don’t tell but the the secret Season 2 Halloween Easter Egg episode will also premiere following the character videos. Get ready for all the cast and their general Halloween jankiness, going live on Monday October 25th.

Then…drum roll please!!! Season 3 kicks off on November 1st with the release of two trailers to tease your excitement and then the first episode will air on Monday, November 8th. Start your countdown NOW!!!

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