Christy Turlington. SupahMawdles. The 90s.


Okay, so I recently unearthed this gem of a flick called “Catwalk”. I mean, it’s not heartbreaking, tragic or super enlightening and most might find it quite boring… but I thing a gaggle of you will be just as intrigued. It’s one thing to remember how you looked in the 90s but it’s quite another to remember that supermodels like Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss looked, uh… just the same (plus or minus a perfect nose and pouty lips). Plus, you take a trip to Paris and Milan with the beautiful waifs who, if you’ll notice, aren’t that waifish. This video is deliciously dated and you should at least watch Pt. 1 (all can be found on YouTube). I mean look at the international supermodel with her… whatever that is.

Look, even Christy Turlington looked like she walked out of a Seinfeld episode :)

This looks good, no? This moment just killed me.

I do my little turn on the catwalk… Sorry. Right Said Fred circa 1992 has been playing in my head this whole time.

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