The District Line



- Temporium isn’t your typical over-priced and exclusive boutique and it isn’t an average mom and pop clothing store. Instead, the newest DC fashion marketplace is a pop up boutique that is part clothing store, part hip wi-fi coffee joint and part quirky music lounge. Located in the former R.L. Christian Library, the space highlights local designers and allows them a venue to pawn their goods from home-made jewelry to hipster graphic tees to avant-garde menswear. Each day brings a continued variety of designers and items and on weekends, the boutique and lounge merge allowing for browsing of the racks while DJs spin in the background. Be sure to catch Temporium this weekend as its month long run closes on August 15. Check out for more details and read the WashPo article describing their owners.

- Many DC residents have been nearly side-swiped by a rogue bike messenger careening down epic DC hills with their messenger bag swung over their shoulder as they compete for valuable road space with an irrate cab driver. This new DC blog “The Life of a DC Courier and Lindy Hopper” pulls back the curtain to reveal a different perspective on the bike wielding delivery men. The blog includes valuable and humorous insights including DC’s newest and greatest nickname- “The Toilet Bowl.”

- Following last weekend’s metro brawl involving 70 plus DC teens, Washington Post writers spent the night in Chinatown chronicling and observing the lives of its inhabitants from the loiterers to the bored teens to the gun-toting security guards. The vignettes entitled “After the Brawl” are short, but entertaining and revealing. My favorite includes the job description of the Chipotle security guard, whose sole duty includes guarding the soda fountain from teens sneaking lemonade into their free water cups!!

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