Gorge thyself: DC Restaurant Week


RESTAURANT WEEK IN DC!! Aug. 16- 22, 2010.

Don’t miss it you hungry DCity book worms and workaholics. This is a fabulous time of year. A three course lunch for $20.10 or dinner for $35.10?

Get your grub on. Make your reservation now on Open Table peeps. Everyone else is salivating too. This city ain’t that big, not for all those taste buds.

Emily’s pick (yes, you care what I think): Oyamel on 7th St. Mexican Cuisine: Tapas Style

It’s normally crowded, so for restaurant week I assume you’ll have to claw your way in. I’ve been growing my nails out for a week now. Last time I went we squeezed our way in and sat at the ceviche bar. This is what I found. Who’s crazy now?

The Ceviche de atun Pacifico is madness. So is the made-at-your-table-guac. Go… eat… drink… be <insert adjective>

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