Dazed and Confused Issue 2


Kathryn here…bringing you the latest Hollywood news.  BREAKING NEWS- Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian were seen frolicking in the Bahamas surf…

Bieber and Kardashian were also photographed having an impromptu photoshoot…

In another one Bieber also appears to be eating a rose…

Scnadelous!?!?! A new May-December romace!?!?! As IF!!! The photos were a part of a Graduate themed photo shoot for Elle Magazine. However, the pairing of the two C-list celebs is a tad odd and uncomfortable??

In other news, Joseph Gordon-Levitt again proved why he is our current obsession. Just when he appears to be selling out and going Hollywood mainstream (we still quite havn’t forgiven him for Gi:Joe) he takes the time to star in a quirky indie short.  The retro six minute long clip entitled Morgan and Destiny’s Eleventeenth Date premiered at the South by Southwest  earlier this month and just went viral. In it, Gordon-Levitt fights Channing Tatum for the true heart of his lady love. The vintage clothing and animated graphics mesh with the old world dialogue straight out of the Jabberwocky. Be patient with the words, eventually it will hypnotise you into a I Heart Joseph Gordon-Levitt dream state. Enjoy!

In closing, I leave you with a humorous reminder of how our childhood photos can come back to haunt us all. Your welcome Jake Glyllenhaal.

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  • http://ellenwinter.net Edubyah

    hokay, so that was KIND OF RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME.

  • Kathryn

    I know!!! isn’t is soo amazing!!!