Secrets from the Set- Tourist Edition


We REALLY REALLY wanted a quick shot of Adrian, OJBG’s loyal screw up, in front of the Jefferson Memorial. However, that task proved easier said than done. The crusty DC leadership rarely grants permission for film crews to stand aside fanny pack wielding tourists on the National Mall.

Not easily sidelined by evil government red tape, we vowed to carry on and screw the system. The rule states a film crew is defined by its use of a tripod, well than we’ll do it handheld. Take that Park Service!!

On the day of filming, we rolled up to Tidal Basin with our crew and seven actors. Next task, blend in and devise a good alibi to go along with it.

Our story: We are a close knit family from the Midwest. Gene, our loving father and occasional Director of Photography, went all Angelina Jolie and adopted us from all over the world. We truly are the most diverse family you will ever see. Adrian and Shawn, two of our brothers, just joined the Navy. To celebrate, we road tripped it to DC to get a quick photo op of them in front of the Jefferson Memorial.

Us Attempting to Blend in

We then waited and waited for the opportunity to explain our ingenious story to any wayward cops. We waited and waited with no avail. A family of confused tourists did stumble by and request a photo op. Apparently they are big fans of our armed forces. However, one did seem slightly alarmed at the mohawk Adrian was hiding under his sailor hat.

“How do you get away with having that?!?!”

Adrian replied, “I just don’t tell anyone.”

Adrian, Shawn and their new Tourist Friends

Satisfied with that answer, the family wandered off.  Apparently, someone believed our story.

Adrian and Remi

Chris and Ashley also Blending In

Our Big Happy Family

Hiding the Mohawk!

Check back soon for more stories from OJBG Season 3!!!

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