Sad Face

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So we thought we’d dedicate a post to the Potomac rope swing that was hearted by so many people – and just one of the many cool things locals cherished and smart tourists could find on Not For Tourists dot com.

A thing of legend soon became a yearly debacle. The rope swing would go up and then a crew of unknown grumps would take it down. But year after year, people would come back to resurrect the glorious swing. Much to their dismay, thought-bubbles with “Dangerrr” and “Lawsuit” were popping up over local authoritae and neighborhooders.  So of course, the buzz kill fun killers of the world have done it (or did it) once again – they had the 170 year old tree cut down in the name of safety… ugh. We get it. But we don’t get it.

It’s things like this rope swing that get kids and aah-dults out of the house and break the hours-on-end-reality-show-watching-cycle. We’re just sayin’. This happened awhile ago but just thought we’d give our 2 cents.

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