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Today at the OJBG offices, we are beyond excited for Sofia Coppola’s sure to be amazing new film “Somewhere.” In line with the critically beloved “Lost in Translation”, “Somewhere” centers around a washed up actor (played by Stephen Dorff in what is sure to be the most buzzed about comeback performance of the year) through life at the Chateau Marmont. His numbing existence is saved by his 11 year old daughter (played by Dakota’s nearly identical younger sister Elle Fanning).

The trailer, set to “I’ll Try Anything for Love” by Julian Casablancas  from the demo version of ‘You only Live Once’ by Coppola’s indie rock fave The Strokes, is nearly void of words. Instead, the trailer follows Dorff and his waifish daughter from film premieres to hotel pools in the overexposed light of LA summers.

Check out the film when it premieres on December 22nd and until then satisfy your cravings with the trailer. Enjoy!

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