General Jankiness


Hello lovers. Sorry we’ve been MIA for the past few weeks. We’ve been running around like hormone pumped chickens with our heads cut off trying to film and finesse the best season evah. To summarize the sketchy and chaotic nature of the past three weeks check out the invite to our wrap party (carefully constructed at 5am). Below, sketchy Exhibit A.

Dear All,

We’ve survived eye patches, molasses, horrible re-scheduling requests (which have not been vindicated), HEAT, multiple locations, blue hair dye, and general jankiness. So with that in mind we would like to extend an invitation for all of you to join us at Comet Ping Pong (@ the corner of Nebraska and Connecticut Ave– 5037 Conn Ave) for an epic night of debauchery and hip shaking (but only Jorge).

So with that in mind, we would like to extend an invitation for those select few of you to join us at 5:30 PM, at Comet Ping Pong.
You don’t want to miss this.  If you do, you will be ridiculed ad nauseam, ad infinitum. (e.g. forever).

With much love and respect,
(Jorge says with peas and carrots).

And here, sketchy Exhibit B.
OG, Paul and Lady Luck

HA. That should waft some sort of drift your way… did you get how delirious we were by the end of production?
Don’t worry, we’re still happy campers deep down inside our tummies :) Okay, we’re a little more grizzy and bear like – on the brink of a deep deep month long hibernation sleep… err, we wish.
Libby and Tamsin
P.S. Thank you Comet Ping Pong for putting up with our filming and wrap partay ;) We heart you. No really, we do. Did you notice the emboldened, italicized heart we just offered up to you?
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