Falling in love with 90?s Fashion


by Chris

HI EVERYBODY!  Letter from the editor fashion blogger new kid in town..(all made up titles by the way)

The beauty of late night craigslist searches and awesome bosses with enough crazy to trust me with costuming for the first time. It was an honor and a pleasure to work on Season Three. I was in middle school during the mid 90′s so I remember feeling the envy of the ‘totally cool’ clothes the upperclassmen wore. This season based in 1996 allowed me to live out my fantasies. I immediately started searching my favorite shows and sitcoms, fashion, and musical icons from the decade. I found it very easy to get carried away.  This seasons main events involved skanking, liquid  and the last bits of grunge. Here are some images I used for inspiration.

Pure Ska in all its glory

The Ska Concert was so much fun to dress, dance, and extra in. The bands made it easy to act like there were 500 people in the room.

Nanananananana CONCENTRATED!!

Rouge Skanking in Comets Parking Lot



Pre Party Ladies

What a trippy time. Im still not sure if anything i chose made sense,  but im sure that was the point. Boys in bikini tops and tutus, candy necklaces, pacifiers galore. It was hot and sweaty and after our cast started to dwindle crew jumped in and had showed the kids how to REALLY liquid!.


Strawberry Shortcake and Tiger

Grunge Up Grunge Down


Mandatory My So Called Life Inspiration

The older kids too cool to jump into the rave, still hanging out with Cobain.

Plaid is a girls best friend

Just a little insight from my mind this season. This week we’re preparing for a 90′s inspired photoshoot with Brightest Young Things for OJ’s Third Season. I get to dress some of the crew this time around. Cannot wait to see how things come out! Stay tuned for amazing photos!!!

Next week..How and Why the Spice Girls crushed the cool and brought forward the horror that was pre millennium fashion.

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