Saved by the Bell and Other Rerun Classics


So, as you all know, Orange Juice in Bishops Garden is filming it’s 3rd season this summer, and in order to prepare our young teen actors and actresses for their parts we have to clue them in to what people wore in the 90′s.

Well as I googled the web for images on the fashions of days past the best results I came upon were those relating to “Saved by the Bell” “90210″ and “Clueless.” And in spite of my nostalgia for Kelly and Zack, intermixed with the quintessential “whatever” (hand motions implied), I really do think the 1990′s produced some fantastic tween/teen story lines.

I mean, what is better than love triangles, being self conscious about your height, or having such a bad spending habit that you wind up auctioning all your clothes only to have them wind up collected for charity? Exactly. The 90′s teen drama didn’t concern itself with the vengeful plotting of these Gossip Girl days. It focused on real things- like cutting class, getting a bad grade, and having dreams that you’ll be too tall for all your dates.

Maybe that’s why I like them- they’re nice- hometown almost. And maybe that’s I think one of the best ways to learn about the 90′s culture isn’t from wikipedia, or google, but early morning TBS, possibly soap dish, or even Nick@Nite.  It isn’t that there is some realistic portrayal of life as a teen that is depicted. But there is insight to what teens wore, what they watched, and what was pop culture then- and for our purposes that’s just as good.

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