Inspiration for Gwen and Sarah


Inspiration in filmmaking comes from so many places. Depending on how creatively curious and deep (ohh la la) you are – any number of happenings, weird expeditions or strange life experiences could influence your prose and picture. Since, in fact, I’m not a filmmmaker (Emily here) I thought I’d pick Otessa‘s brain.

We’ve been seeing something beautiful blooming between to buds recently (Sarah and Gwen). Sure, it may have only just begun but I wanted know what inspired the new key story arc; since we’re a finely-tuned women run machine over here, you can be assured it’s not the product of some geeky film nerd’s wet dream. Sorry, just had to put that out there.

While prepping for the girl’s story – she looked to a few great movies that inspirational je ne se quois concerning characters, scenery and lifes little questions like “Do you like me?”. It’s also a great movie list for those who tend to miss a few films (or a lot, like me).

My Summer  of Love (2004)

Jules et Jim (1962)

Henry & June (1990)

Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

High Art (1998) and Lost and Delirious (2001) are two more suggestions.

She also credits some non-lesbian films about women’s sexual awakenings that take place in the countryside. Check out  Stealing Beauty (1996), A Room With A View (1985), The Man In The Moon (1991), and Enchanted April (1992) for some bangin’ bucolic eye candy and girl power. Honorable mentions: Heavenly Creatures (1994) and Ratcatcher (1999).

Liv in “Stealing Beauty”

Enid Blyton-esque English countryside movies and cinematic-style-reference points: FairyTale: A True Story (1997), Tess (1979), Atonement (2007), The Secret Garden (1993) (one of my favorite movies) and Brideshead Revisited (1981).

on the set of Polanski’s “Tess”

Okay now you (and I) have a great summer movie list – at least 20 boxes of Raisinets worth. You’re welcome. And if you aren’t the hopeless romantic type, you may be after stuffing all these beauties under your championship belt, tough guy.

Okay, I just googled Raisinets for no reason and found a lovely photo. I’ve never thought to capture the tiny mutations but here they are in all their glory (ha).

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  • Ana


    A sua série faz lembrar um tempo de leveza e possibilidades, antes de tudo, mesmo que não isento de sofrimento.

    Aqui em Brasília também temos um parque onde nós encontrávamos, lá pelos idos de 1998, para beber – é bem mais fácil conseguir beber aqui.

    Congratulations for your work, from Brazil!


  • Otessa

    Hi Ana :)
    Thank you for your nice words!! Your comment made me smile… so cool that you had a park like that too back in the 90′s.

    Thank you for watching!!

  • Ana

    Nice understanding…. ; )

    Um abraço,


  • Ana

    Great list!

    May I suggest another one?

    There’s this poetic and strange film, “Legaturi bolnavicioase” (2006), from Romania. “Love Sick”, in US.


  • Otessa

    Hi Ana,

    We love suggestions! I’m so looking forward to checking it out :)


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