DC- without the Washington


For most of you who have passed that metabolic threshold and are no loger able to consume 3500 calories a day- before your bedtime ice cream, you have probably been converted to the diet version of all beverages. And for those of you who have neither a vendetta against caffeine, or a moral dilemma concerning carbonated beverages you have probably embraced Diet Coke. And if you haven’t given in to it, eventually, you will.

Diet Coke is, I believe, part of our cultural identity. It is the guilt free drink that combines the greatness of caffeine with the enchantment of cola flavored carbonation- and being diet- there is just enough bitter to hit the spot. 

Considering what a vital role it plays in the daily life of many Americans, I think it important to overview the history of such a forefront product. Diet Coke was introduced to America July 4, 1982. Immediately following its arrival, Diet Coke took over the role originally held by Tab and has since escalated to include 7+ variations. However, much to the dismay of US citizens everywhere, versions such as diet raspberry coke, and diet coke black cherry vanilla, and diet coke with citrus zest, are available only outside of America. 

So for those of you who have yet to fully convert to the goodness of diet coke- give in and enjoy it! 

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