In the February 2006 issue of National Geographic the cover featured an article boasting that love could be easily diagrammed as a chemical reaction that occurred within the brain chemistry. In spite of this scholarly insight, I prefer to leave out the brain chemistry and simply accept the blissfulness of the first, second, or hundredth, crush.

That said, what is better than recognizing that you have a crush on someone? With the exception of a few lusty accessories and a first class transatlantic trip, not too dang much. In fact the emotional high that comes from the constant text message checking, and reapplied lip gloss, is probably almost as good as the rush from buying new Marc Jacobs sunglasses- just perhaps not as long lasting.

However, crushes are characterized by the smile talking, the dewy eyed look when announcing that yes you are going to his brother’s 14 hour long little league tournament, and being able to find enjoyment in the mundane. And these things rock, in fact they make up a significant percentage of the great memory pile.

In episode 4 of Orange Juice in Bishops Garden season 2, Sarah is deciding whether or not to acknowledge her crush on Gwen, stating that “fear of the unknown“ is her major deterrent.

And while my immediate reaction is to screw fear and go after something that could be great – I’d be a hypocrite to say the unknown was a deterrent for me too. So, instead I will say this: fear what is worth fearing, and for everything else weigh out the factors, and when things still are uncertain go with your gut.

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