Creepy Gold Stars


Admit it.

Throughout highschool, maybe middle school even, you, at one point or another, had a crush on a teacher. Looking back, the reasoning, older, version of yourself can say with certainty that no, your balding, love handle flaunting, “crush” was perhaps not the looker you once believed them to be.  But regardless of that logic, you still maintain a certain lilt in your voice when you speak of them years later.

Well guess what: stop that! And this is why, since the February 18, 2010 (yes 3 months ago) there have been at least 7 reports of student molestation by teachers. This is sickening. This is creepy. And this is happening across America at an alarming rate. 

Girls, your weird science teacher who offers to rub your shoulders while you stay after class is creepy: extremely creepy. Guys, no offense, but does it really make sense that your 30 yr old teacher is flirting with you? Sure, we get that you’re manly- but c’mon, there’s just something wrong with that situation…

And when Orange Juice in Bishops Garden discusses this, portraying the weird teacher who inappropriately flirts with students and socializes with them outside of school- OJBG is dealing with a real issue. In fact they’re dealing with several real issues.

1. The student/teacher relationship boundaries.

2. The implication of these relationships: potential for jail.

3. The need for students to know their rights.

Unfortunately, we understand how confusing and scary all of these points are. And, we understand that the automatic teen ‘truth’ is the one that is most likely to help avoid grounding and revoked priviledges. And, we also understand that you may not be in a position where you know, the boundaries, the implications, or your rights.

So here are some guidelines: If you think it’s weird- it probably is. If you’re in any way creeped out by their behavior- then their behavior is probably creepy. If they are invading your bubble- (not the one you put away while freaking at Homecoming)- they’re completely wrong. If you have ANY question about whether or not what they’re doing is ok, then it probably isn’t. No gold star is worth your being harassed.

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