Summer playlist. Guilty pleasures. You’ll heart them, we promise.


You’ll heart them, if not just for a laugh. Some of these are classics. Some are horribly irresistible. And then some are just plain good. Oh, and we had to include some music videos. You won’t want to skip these if you haven’t had the pleasure already. In no particular order, here you go:

{OJBG’s Summer Playlist}

Pavement – “Flux=Rad”  & “Cut your hair” & “Box Elder” (Pavement hailed from UVA and was Otessa’s first concert ever!)
Beck – “Sleeping Bag” & “MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack” (Otessa saw him at The HFStival back in the day. Rad. So was the HFStival before Clear Channel cleared them out. Damn Clear Channel!)
Black Tambourine – “I Was Wrong”
Helium - anything off of “The Dirt of Luck” album is good (also from DC)
Pastels – “Truck Train Tractor”
Girls At Our Best – “Politics” & “Pleasure”
Men At Work – “Land Down Under” (It would have been fun to be on set for this music video…)
Juliana Hatfield – “Spin the Bottle”
The Breeders – “Cannonball”
The Sugarcubes (Bjork before Bjork) – “Lucky Night”
Nirvana – “Molly’s Lips”
The Vaselines -  “Molly’s Lips” (more molly’s lips :)
The Smiths – “The Headmaster’s Ritual” & “A Rush and Push and The Land Is Ours”

Toto – “Africa” (You must watch this video. Finely curated with globes, encyclopedias, a librarian and some unfortunate hair.)

Elastica – “Connection”
The Flying Lizards – “(I Want) Money”
Salt n Pepa – “None Of Your Business”

The Cure – “Close To You”

Magnetic Fields – “Washington DC” (So, this album was early 2000′s and it’s about DC. Cool dude.)
Aztec Camera – “The Crying Scene”
Liz Phair – “Rocket Boy”
Yo La Tengo – “Return To Hot Chicken” & “Moby Octapad”
EMF- “Unbelievable”
FYC – “She Drives Me Crazy”

Blur – “Song 2″ & “Coffee & TV” (which had kind of a cult video, there’s a website dedicated to the video’s star – a milk carton.)

Collective Soul - “Shine”

Diggable Planet – “Rebirth of Slick”

Talk Talk – “It’s My Life”

More bands: Licorice Roots, Strapping Fieldhands, The Lettuceheads, L7

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