Ladies Who Lunch ( style)


Who are they and why are we obsessed? “The blog is a conversation between Kara Jesella and Ada Calhoun about a misbegotten era.” (–> true dat)

Their backgrounds (and playgrounds). Remember our post on How Sassy Changed My Life? Kara was the co-author. She’s also written for the New York Times, the American ProspectSalonNylon and Teen Vogue. Ada’s work has graced the pages of The New York Times, New York Magazine and recently wrote a book called Instinctive Paranting.

These girls know how to work it; this includes parenting, 90s garb and a pen (obviously), among other things. Another work to pre-order: Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work. (Yes, Ada wrote it alongside the loveable Tim Gunn.) A favorite Timism – “It looks like a pterodactyl from a gay jurassic park.” Also, Bravo’s Tim Gunn Dictionary compilation. Please, for a giggle. Sturm and Drang wha? And since I’m ranting about this man, check out his closet. He probably wouldn’t approve anything in the OJBG wardrobe dept. but he does love his Converse (Yay, one point for the us), one pair of flip flops (“The world will probably let our a primordial scream.”) and has 6 pairs of jeans (more than I would have guessed) haha.

Okay forget lunching, these girls must be all about crunching. Deadlines, deadlines. Can you tell we have two new girl crushes?

Take their hilarious quizYou Might Be a 90s Woman If…

Just a few we checked off:

You’ve made a mix tape on an actual tape.

You know lines from Clueless.

You’ve marched for abortion rights, against the first Iraq War, or for Take Back the Night.

You have ever been into Wicca, eco-feminism, or liberation theology.

You think any of the following items of clothing are hot: thigh-highs, plaid shirts, work boots with dresses, cat-eye glasses, chunky heels, baby-doll dresses, overalls, plaid, flannel, bra straps showing, barrettes.

You’ve dyed your hair a color not found in nature, ideally with Manic Panic. (Otessa just gave me the 411 on which shampoos strip a Manic Panic ro any semi-perm oopsy in a few washes.)

You started—or at least read—a zine. Now it’s a blog or tumblr.

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