Koldcast.tv put together a great timeline – one the recaps the baddest that made their onscreen prey the saddest. AND… there’s a shout out to OJ! Check it out here.

Bullies come and go. Some are worse than others but they all have one thing in common. They’re memorable. If your younger years were shortened by wedgies or cruel and unusual nicknames, hopefully, they don’t come back to haunt you nightly. (Yes, we said shortened. If a cig takes 30 seconds off your life, it’s likely one run in with a bona-fide meanie-pie will do the same.) If they are squashing your dreams, perhaps you’re in need of a dream catcher?

It’s hard to ignore bullies, we know. Usually your options are slim. You can suck it up or…. uh, run.

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