The First Issue of Our ‘Zine: “The JUICE” !

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Hello again from OJBG!

We’ve just finished putting together the first edition of The Juice, an eZine by Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden, and it’s available on the OJBG Home Page.

BUT… since you’re one of our favorites :) we’ve attached The Juice eZine for you to download or print.

In case you don’t know the history of ‘zines, here’s a lil’ blurb (see Wiki for more):

A zine (an abbreviation of the word fanzine, or magazine; pronounced /?zi?n/ “zeen”) is usually any self-published work of minority interest usually reproduced via photocopier on a variety of colored paper stock.
They’re generally written in a variety of formats, from computer-printed text to comics to handwritten text. Small circulation zines are often not explicitly copyrighted and there is a strong belief among many zine creators that the material within should be freely distributed. In recent years a number of photocopied zines have risen to prominence or professional status and have found wide bookstore and online distribution.

Notable among these are Giant Robot, Dazed & Confused, Bust, Bitch (magazine) and Maximum RocknRoll.

Enjoy! Also, we’d love feedback and suggestions for the kinds of topics you’d like to see.

All of us at OJBG

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