You Better Appreciate Today


You better appreciate today, because tomorrow is just going to be worse…

So here’s the thing.  You have freedom of choice.  BUT not freedom from consequence.  I think that is the #1 lesson I learned as a teenager.  What makes summer feel so inconsequential and allows the freedom to live in the moment? Is it the sun or the relaxed attitude or the fact that you really don’t HAVE to be anywhere the next morning?  Well– guess what– if you do live in the moment–  prepare to suffer! Awesome. um, NO.

Tomorrow is going to be worse…!

And what about Colin?? This isn’t just standard older brother over-protective crap. Colin has been cold and downright mean– and we’re not talking about just one day.  Something is up.  What is bothering him?  He isn’t normally like this.  He and Kris used to be so close.  But these days– well, who knows.

Is Kris trying to get through to him or has the summer haze (& a desire for nigiri) just clouded her thoughts

…watch episode 6 and you can be the judge.

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