Things other than turkey… (things to be thankful for?)


So, the thing about Episode 5 (and quite frankly most of Season 1 of OJinBG) is that friends can be your salvation OR they can make you want to lick razor blades.  Especially in high school.    On one hand…Friends can make your life blissed-out, where you feel like you’re living in the Beatles’ “Hard Day’s Night”. And there is always that one friend who makes you braver, bolder, more comfortable.  The “living in a music video, the crowd loves you” friend… the “Hard Day’s Night friend”.

But…friends aren’t always there for you when you need them though. That’s when the “licking razor blades” metaphor kicks in: when the people who make you brave actually end up letting you down. How do the same people who make you feel brave, also make you second-guess yourself? Choosing friends who are good for you and good to you… is not exactly 2nd nature it seems.

And then, there is your family– and your siblings.  Sibling rivalry can, and almost always does, get even more complicated, more ugly, more supportive– and back again.  With your sisters/brothers– you know them backwards & forwards.  Except, sometimes we think we know everything about them just because we watch them eat breakfast.  And, well, it isn’t necessarily true.

Episode 6 features Kris & her brother Colin, who used to be close ?– but something is eating Colin Mitchell up. It’s ruining him. And Kris can’t get close so she just gets mad.  And steals his car.  Keep watching for Episode 6…it will be released online on Friday Dec. 4th.

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