Episode 5 "Operator, Whisper Down The Lane"


What’s the key to attraction? You know, like what makes two people click? Or clique?

Friendships require a level of attraction that isn’t totally different from a romantic attraction. Both have strings attached. Those strings usually hold you together through thick and thin but sometimes someone makes the cut. And why does there always seem to be competition beneath the surface of these bonds? It drives you to make decisions based on what your bf, gf or bff (wtf, too many acronyms) will think, or do. Yes, the ones we hold dearest have the ability to make us see clearest; that said, what goes on between lovers and friends—not always the sincerest.

Say what you will about the birds and the bees—love gets the best everyone at one point or another. It’s always the person that makes your knees weak, heart race or gives you a speech impediment in a matter of moments. Do you remember what it was about the person—what the special ingredient was in their voodoo mating call? You know that feeling, the one that seems to give you superpowers. It makes you daring. Makes you brave. You’re on top of the world (until you aren’t).

Watch Episode 5 and you will see attraction’s strings creating havoc on the Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden characters.

This episode is sure to make you think! What makes a deep friendship end? What makes friends turn on one another in the ultimate act of betrayal? Maggie deals with Sarah’s betrayal and she also faces a familiar fear that we all have but few would admit to. This episode is ultimately about that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach. Wanting to do something and being afraid, missing someone your head is telling you to forget about. What voices in your head do you listen to and what voices do you silence? See what Maggie does in this episode. Enjoy!

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