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So you want to know about OJ?  Well you came to the right blog! OJ aka Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden as you might have heard is a “is a fiercely local & indie web-series, set in D.C. about the lives of a group of teenagers in the summer 1994,” yep that’s us! OJ is full of life at its highest and lowest moments. So when life gives us lemons, we make lemonade. 


 Episode one introduces you to the characters of OJ.  We see bffffffffs! Kris and Sarah light the way for much more to come.  This episode unfolds the tensions between Maggie and Sarah “best friends” who dig the same guy. With Sarah as the people pleaser and Maggie as the drama queen there’s bound to be either a cat fight or a back stab just waiting to happen. 


Not to mention there’s no pressure to get beer for the gang when the Pakistani couple puts their eight year old in front of the counter! WHAO! This is pretty extreme. Kris and Sarah take one for the team.
We also say “Hello” to Roxanne and Beth. Roxanne is a total babe while Beth on the other hand is a little bit awkward and a lot of bit jealous of her “perfect” sister Hunter.  While getting a ride from Ms. Perfect Roxanne and Beth encounter Adrian. A totally hot and off limits friend of Hunter’s! Oh, dear what are they to do?!  Well flirt of course! 


Well they kind of have to in Maggie’s case after a few shot guns! Then Ryan with his “pasiffical” piss, and the clock striking 12, curfew coming soon, and Maggie shot gunning with Jake, it seems pretty clear how the night is to unfold.

But! Jake takes a leak on Ryan and well that doesn’t go over too well. Not only is Ryan pissed, Maggie is completely disgusted, leaving an open doorway for Sarah. Out with Jake… in with Trip, Maggie just wants what she wants. 
Flashing lights, and a siren!  Oh boy we’re in trouble now!!! The Pigs have come out to play have they? Well then let’s play a game shall we? But first we need all the members of our team? Where the hell are Jake and Trip?! Roxanne and Beth end up in the car with sexy Adrian again, and Travis has fun with a paper bag… They all say farewell and Jake ends up walking Sarah home leaving it all up to you for tonight’s plans, so “Will you be there tonight?”

For more episodes go to www.orangejuiceinbishopsgarden.com


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