April 29, 2015
by The OJBG Team

Is 2015 the Year of the Web Series?

by Steph

There is a hearty debate amongst film, television, online platforms/content providers and web series creators themselves going on right now. Is web series an art form that will be mainstreamed and monetized? Will that kill the creativity when sponsors, execs and ads get involved? Some dismiss the genre entirely. Are they missing the best content out there? Might we see the same trend happen as when cable started delivering the drama and character development that the film industry wasn’t providing? Here’s some evidence that 2015 will be the year of web series.

1. Technology is providing creators with professional tools – and not just phone cameras. Celtx used to be a free screenwriting tool. Now you can storyboard shots, breakdown scenes, create your shot lists, organize your shooting days, and look at call sheets on your smartphone. https://www.celtx.com/index.html.

2. Are Web Series just something to watch while waiting for another show to return? The headline of the below article suggests so. But on closer examination, the article points out something else. “Transparent helped elevate Amazon.com’s original programming from an Internet footnote to Golden Globe Award-winner for best TV series – and its portrait of a parent (Jeffrey Tambor) who transitions brought conversations about transgender lives into mainstream media.” There was doubt or at least uncertainty in the beginning that online providers could produce great content. Hello, House of Cards.


A final consideration:

3. Will High Maintenance be the breakthrough for legitimizing Web Series? High Maintenance was first picked up by Vimeo. Then not shortly thereafter, it was acquired by HBO. Everything about this show is great, the writing, acting and casting. This acquistion is important because other web series making news were in comedy and going to Comedy Central. Now web series has succeeded in another genre. It will certainly given pause to some naysayers who shun web series.  http://www.vogue.com/13255907/high-maintenance-hbo/

This will definitely be a hot topic of conversation at this year’s DC Web Fest on Saturday, May 2. You can still get tickets at www.dcwebfest.co/explore. And if this whole web series thing has got your creative juices flowing and you want to learn more about it, we are offering this cool Web Series Start-Up Kit. You’re automatically entered to win with your ticket purchase. Winners will be announced at the festival.

The Web Series Start-Up Kit includes:

-Hat and T-shirt from our sponsor the DC Film Office
-1 hour consult with Otessa Ghadar
-Textbook on creating a web series, The Wild West of Film
- Promo code for Skillshare class on how to make a web series

Curious to know your thoughts as well.


March 2, 2015
by The OJBG Team

“From Child to Man, How the WWE Changed My Life” Written by Jack Tobe

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.24.41 PM

From the WWE Website

If you’re a sports fan like myself, you know that there is a sort of sports lull after the Super Bowl. Yes, basketball and hockey are in the middle of their seasons, but most people don’t care until someone clinches a playoff berth. Once football is over, it’s just a waiting game for the playoffs (PLAYOFFS?!?!?) or for baseball’s opening day. Because crying myself to sleep every night had gotten tiresome, I looked deep into my heart and asked myself, “Is there another way? There must be something to bide my time until April except for porn and eating an unhealthy amount of Cocoa Krispies?”

I have found my answer. As of Sunday, February 22, I went from a soft, doughy Pillsbury Dough Boy to a hardened, crouton-y Cabbage Patch Man. That is because on that fateful night, I tuned into the WWE Network and I watched Fastlane, a pay-per-view event where grown men (and some women) in their underwear beat the living pulp out of each other, while also keeping up a storyline.

I have come to believe that the WWE is better than all sports. There is no other sport that I can think of that has carnage, monologues, RKO’s, feelings of loss and sadness, people in skintight latex onsies with face paint, you get the picture. No sport can even compare to the emotional roller coaster you get from watching a WWE event, whether it be the regularly programed Monday Night Raw and/or Thursday Night Smackdown or the special events such as the Royal Rumble, Fastlane, Wrestlemania, etc.

I wasn’t always like this, though. For a very long time, I was very similar to the majority of people who think that wrestling is “fake,” and it’s “just a bunch of actors who prance around doing dumb shit.” I was naive, but I have turned a corner. I agree with you, dear reader, that the WWE has a storyline that has been written and I also agree that not all the punches and kicks land. But I do not agree with it being 100% fake. The wrestlers do literal flips from the top rope and land on their feet. They jump and land on each other with all their force. They break bones and spirits, incite concussions and fear. It is an art form, really.


February 13, 2015
by The OJBG Team

Be My (Nerdy) Valentine~? <3

297074402_343271 download images (2)download (2)download (3)download (1)


By Morgan.

He gazed into her glowing red eyes, enchanted by the spell that her beauty had casted upon him. She exposed her leathery black wings and plunged in for his lips. His fluffy white ears perked up from the shock, nevertheless yielding to her warm embrace.

Ah, fantasy.

What’s the point of romance if it’s predictable? Why have blue and brown eyes meet when purple and red irises can light up the room? Why settle for a mini black dress and turtleneck sweater when you can don furry tails and shiny armor? That’s right, Cosplay Hopefuls, I’m talkin’ about COUPLES COSPLAY!!!

In honor of St. Valentines Day, I have compiled a plethora of pictures of couples who use cosplay to express their romance. They’re quite lovely. Instead of leaving you in the dark on who exactly these people are cosplaying, I will name the characters and their respective anime/comics/video games. Note that not all these character pairings are actual couples in their stories, but we all like to ship our favorites. ^.^~

(Images Lovingly borrowed from their respective owners <3)


Tamaki and Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)


Hulk Family~ (Marvel /OC)


Zidane and Princess Garnet (Final Fantasy IX)


Gambit and Rogue (Marvel Universe)

Anna Elsa Chocolate

Anna and Elsa (Frozen)



Shizuo and Izaya (Durarara)

images (4)

Sebastian and Ciel (Black Butler)


Lightning and Oerba Yun Fang (Final Fantasy XIII)


Happy Valentines Day! <3 <3 <3


February 6, 2015
by The OJBG Team

Cheap Cosplay Materials (And Where To Find Them)

By Morgan.

So, let’s say you’re interested in pursuing Cosplay. You’ve read the tips lovingly published by yours truly and you are ready to go! So, uh, now what? -Shrug-+I+legitimately+like+this+anime+it+s+not+perfect+but+_3092bb636fc2e7f3b4a44f4539c05fc3 Cosplay Hopefuls, for this blog post I will show you where and how to find the best materials you AND your wallet can agree on! This will cover just a few short tips on making your cosplay on a budget.


Fabric  There are lots of stores around the D.C. area that you can purchase fabric and clothing craftings. Here are some choices that might be of interest to you: Jo-Ann Fabrics, Exquisite Fabrics D.C., A.C Moore, Michael’s, G Street Fabrics. Below are just a few of the many, MANY types of materials you could use~


Snuggle Flannel Fabric in Black Gray Medallion:  $2.79/yard

pleather -red 8.99 pleather - black 8.99

Black/red pleather: $8.99/yard

cotton unbleached muslin  2.79

Roc-Lon Cotton Unbleached Muslin: $2.79/yard

Psst! Wanna learn how to make quick and easy fabric roses? Check out this Ribbon Rose Tutorial!!!


 Know When to Sew Find friends who can sew, or learn how to sew. This is an extremely handy skill to possess when you want to make your own costume clothes. Depending on your level of patience and how much time you have, you can choose whether to hand-sew your creation or use a sewing machine to get the job done. From dresses to cloth boots to  Attack on Titan Scout regiment uniforms, sewing can really set your custom mark on the pieces you put together. If you are new to the sewing biz and don’t have a friend or relative to sew for you, there are all kinds of simple sewing machines to try out. I bought my first sewing machine at Walmart. You can check it out here.

uryuu sewing


Sometimes there are things that you should just buy, like wigs or very specific costume parts (like a character’s signature necklace or trinket) But there are almost always ways to work your way around in order to make the most of your cosplay budget. These were just a few quick tips on where to find fabric, so maybe next time I’ll do something on another facet of DIY Cosplay :) Until then, let’s get arts and craftsy!

Or just become friends with this guy.

Chao, baby~!


Lovingly Borrowed From spring.me

January 30, 2015
by The OJBG Team

MAGFest 13!!!

Cosplayme5  By Intern Morgan.

MAGFest, or Music and Gaming Festival, is a celebration of all things music and gaming related. Open to #gamers, #anime fans, #musicians, and of course, #Cosplayers! #MAGFest is an annual convention that takes place at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center every January. This year it took place on January 23-26, 2015. I had the pleasure of going for the second year in a row, and might I say it is an honor to share my experiences with the #OJBG team and all of you! Please enjoy my take on #MAGFest!

Cos6   Cos16


The Gaylord Itself – Complete with over seventy floors and 12+ elevators, the Gaylord National is a spacious hotel and convention center all-in-one located in Fort Washington, Maryland. Many con goers book rooms in this hotel several months in advance because the it’s the most convenient place to stay. However, there are other hotels nearby so you don’t have to worry too much if you can’t get a room in time. Other hotels include The Westin National Harbor (4-star) and the Hampton Inn and Suites (3-star). There are also at least two parking decks to park your car, and I would recommend carpooling in order to save/share parking deck fees. It’s also a good idea to get a group together and share a hotel room. As many as five, eight and in rare instances ten people will split a room and it’s completely normal during con weekends! (Not to mention it saves megabucks on the room expenses when you split the cost.)

 Cos2 Cos8

In my experience, up to five people is “comfortable”. The main “hang out” area is set to a tropical forest-like oasis theme, complete with a fountain and cottage-like souvenir shops surrounding it. At night the Gaylord is beautiful and romantic, and the fountain gives a “water show” every evening at 6 PM. I suggest taking a bird’s eye view of the main area by riding the elevator all the way to the top. Truly a breathtaking experience for first timers and veterans!


Cosplay – The cosplayers this year were gorgeous. Since this is MAGFest most of the characters I saw have appeared in video games or anime adaptations of video games. A lot of people also dressed up in their very own creations which the community refers to as Original Characters (OCs for short). The central area of the Gaylord is a great place to take photo shoots complete with a gazebo that I swear out was purposely built there for said photography to be taken in. Getting good lighting can be somewhat of a gamble if you don’t have an expensive camera, but most cosplayers are patient when you ask them to “turn a little this way please!” Or “Hold on, let me try from this angle!” And of course, yours truly also did it up with her own original cosplay. I like to call my costume the “Neko-Neko Maid Warrior!” The cat ears are animatronic ones called “Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears”. That’s right, they move with the power of your brain! Wanna be cool, too? Click here for more info: http://www.necomimi.com/

Cosplay Me1 Cosplay Me2Cosplay me4 Cosplay me 3

Below are some of the pictures that I took in the upper and the lower sections of the main convention area.

Cos1  Cos28  Cos27 Cos23   Cos5 Cos24

The Nonstop 3DS Adventure – There are many continuous games and events that occured during MAGFest. Tabletop game rooms were open at all hours, Arcade rooms were always full of players getting their old-school gaming on (for free, no quarters or tokens necessary!) even a couple games of “Zombie Tag” went down! But nothing puts the “Gaming” in MAGFest like the massive amounts of Nintendo 3DS users you will see. A 3DS is a handheld gaming system created by Nintendo that was released worldwide back in 2011. Similar to the Nintendo Wii system, owners of Nintendo 3DS systems can create and interact with their own personal Mii and play games that come with the system using that Mii. One of those games is called “StreetPass” where you collect copies of other people’s Miis in order to gain special goodies for your own Mii. Tons of Miis will make their way to your 3DS by a special type of Wi-Fi that’s always accessible whether you have normal Wi-Fi connected or not. These character “copies” will then be able to help your Mii get lots of valuable prizes such as accessories and puzzle pieces. I am proud to say that I finished at least five puzzles and gained six new hats for my Mii, ‘Morrachan’! ^.^~ If I had to guess, I would say I have collected over 250 Miis in the three days I visited this convention. Imagine how many I would have collected had I actually stayed in the hotel overnight! More than any other con I’ve been to, MAGFest is where I’ve gotten the most StreetPasses in one !

3DS1 3DS2.

Panels – Panels are where guest stars from various animated video games, music, movies and the like come to see thousands of their fans scream and shout at them in pure happiness. [Paul, N SP]. Voice actors, game developers, YouTube stars and musicians visit us from various parts the world to talk to their fans, answer questions and sign autographs. I didn’t get a chance to visit a lot of panels this time but one that I did go to featured a “fan movie” adaptation of best-selling videogame “The Last of Us”. The room was packed, PACKED I tell you! The movie was pretty decent as actors reenacted notable cut scenes from the game and acted in a way a player would as if they were controlling the actors. Afterward, the actors went to the front of the room to talk about the film and gave advice to people interested in making or starring in films. More info can be found here: https://en.stagepool.com/

Panels1 Panels2

MAGFest Marketplace – This is where I always spend the most money at, LOL. Merchants come from all over the US to sell their anime and gaming style merchandise. Anything from commissioned artwork, hats, books, games, pins/buttons, plushies and accessories. Most of the merchants hand-make their items so you really get authentic keepsakes from your time at the con. You won’t believe how talented some of these people are and how much effort they put into their work! Some indie musicians sell demos or complete albums of their CDs there as well, usually playing samples at their kiosk. Here are some of the items that I purchased from the MAGFest Marketplace.

Marketplace12  Marketplace13Marketplace1  Marketplace5  Marketplace4Marketplace7

Music – On the musical side of things, one of MAGFest’s only flaws is that the “Music” in its name is not very well represented at the actual con. Sure, you have your concerts and indie musicians and YouTube musicians show up to entertain the crowd, but it seems a little lackluster to say the least. I feel that the gaming aspect is very well-defined but that should not be all there is to this particular convention. It’s almost as if the musical portion is hidden away somewhere for you to wander in on while you’re walking around collecting StreetPasses. I did see random musicians around the con such as a woodwind trio near a set of escalators, a small percussion ensemble near the tabletop game rooms, and the token saxophone player playing Mario and Zelda tunes as he meandered through the crowd. The con does include a few “jam spaces” where bands can come in and practice whenever they like and con goers are allowed to peek inside to listen to what they had to play.


So MAGFest 13 was a nice little gathering for gamers and anime fans alike. Anyone with the passion for video gaming and music playing can always find a comfortable haven here. One of the things I love most about going to conventions is finding a whole lot of people to interact with, sharing the same interests as me and teaching me lots of things I did not know about and I them. I look forward to next year’s convention and I hope you stop on by, too! Everyone is welcome.


Thanks for reading! I hope I was able to entertain you for a little bit >.< Please leave a comment if you feel so inclined~


*All pictures Lovingly taken by Yours Truly. <3

January 21, 2015
by The OJBG Team

5 Ways to make it Cozy

#DC can be pretty cold at times. I mean we are south of the Mason Dixon line and it’s not unbearable but we like to keep it #cozy during the winter months so we don’t end up typing

all work and no play makes jane a dull girl

over and over

while we are trying to write new webisodes lel. Here is listicle of our top cheats to make your place #cozy this winter (in case you can’t afford to go to your own tropical island like a tech titan.)

1. Elliot Smith

Waltz #2 is perfect for reminiscing about that one in the #90s that might have gotten away. Having this playing at a barely perceptible level sets the mood for reflecting on the past year and what’s ahead. Walking in wind that makes your eyes water makes it necessary to listen to someone who knows the struggle is real. Here’s a playlist.

2. Fred Soll incense.

If  you don’t have a roaring fireplace in your apartment, this is the next best thing. Made in New Mexico, this incense is hand dipped and you can see the resin. Truly a work of art and I love that every time I order, they include a handwritten thank you on my invoice. Sage and cedar smells like a smoldering camp fire. Plus anything cedar is supposed to keep evil away. (These facts are things you  notice as a #Buffy fan.)

3. Essential Element Mahogany and Vetiver Soy Candle with 3 wicks.

The 3 wicks invoke the power of three (#Charmed). Besides that, the smell is subtle and enchanting and you can get it at CVS for around 10 bucks.

4. Teavana Maharaja Chai Oolong/Samurai Chai Mate Blend

Brewed coziness. Let the spicy cinnamon ginger smell warm you up and waft in the air. With candied bits of papaya included.

5. Grunge Gown

I love the OJBGish color Baird in this plaid. After a hot shower throw this on and melt into coziness. You’re totally covered. Hmmm, wonder if could I wear this out with leggings?

xoxo OJBG


January 14, 2015
by The OJBG Team

Cosplay Advice From a N00b Herself

ffXIII goku-1

kh kiba junko

tehprincess03 sephy

By Morgan.    

Top o’ the morning, Cosplay Hopefuls~! Morgan here. As you are well aware, #OJBG is all about the subculture scene. From Softgrunge fashion statements to RAVE!life, we here at 20/20 Productions like to explore the world around us. So, I have the pleasure of introducing one of my personal favorite subcultures, #COSPLAY! Cosplay is the happenin’ thing for anime/comic/gaming fans across the globe, and it is my mission to help fellow geeks learn the nooks and crannies of the wonderful world of Cosplay couture~ Here I’ve provided some helpful hints from myself and some friends in order to make the most of your cosplay experience. So let’s get started! Ikimashou~!!!


1. Always plan your cosplay well in advance. Whether at a big anime convention or for a small get-together, anyone who wants to make an impression will start planning out their costume at least a few months before their big debut. Six months seems to be a good comfy timeframe, especially if you plan to make your own costume from scratch. If you already have a character in mind, great! If not, no worries~ Just rewatch some shows or give their games another go. Research as much as you can about that character- not just their clothing but also their personalities, mannerisms, and things the character themselves might not even know about. 


Photo by Uminiphoto, deviantart.com


2. Cosplaying doesnt stop at the wardrobe. Acting is also essential! So, you’ve done your research and  you’ve got a pretty decent costume all set up. You’re good to go, right? NOPE! Cosplaying requires a bigger commitment than that. Suppose you want to portray Naruto Uzumaki from the hit anime series Naruto. The bright orange jumpsuit is set, the goggles fit right, and you’ve even got a couple pairs of fake kunai knives on you- but the cosplay goes all but mediocre if you’re not shouting out Naruto’s catchphrase “Believe It!” with your goofiest grin plastered on your face! Fans expect to see real-life models of their favorite characters come to life so they can take lots of pictures and bask in their glory. Act it out!


3. Speaking of photography, be prepared to take lots (and I mean LOTS) of pictures! In the cosplay world, the more accurate the cosplay the more likely you are to be recognized which means the more likely you are to be photographed. Please, do not be alarmed, cosplay hopeful! It is entirely normal to be asked for your picture while in costume… or twice… or ten times in one day. Take it as a compliment- they think you look good and want a souvenieur of your hard work. There’s no such thing as being shy when you’re cosplaying… unless of course the character has a shy personality. So, Accuracy = Recognition = Lots of photo requests!


Image from yxk1, photobucket



Image from pixgood.com

4. Size literally does not matter. Whether you’re super skinny, a little curvier, or somewhere in the middle, you have the freedom to choose whoEVER you want to cosplay as. It’s a free country after all. I’ve heard several of my friends complain about how they can’t cosplay x-character because they’re “too big” or “too short” to accurately portray them. Stop right there! As a woman of plus size myself, it saddensme to think that a Sailor Moon fan is too scared to dress up as Usagi/Serena because of fear of judgement for her size. I’m here to tell you that if you like the character and want to dress up as her, you better follow through with that fandom and show off! People will still recognize you, and a lot more will praise you for being brave enough to ignore any nay-sayers and just do you. You’ll be a shining star no doubt.


5. Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun with it! The process of obtaining/making your costume can, at times, be quite stressful. Something doesn’t fit right or you just canNOT seem to fix that pesky seam… but know that it will all be worth while if you take the time to breathe and remember why you’re doing this to begin with- for the love of the character! Whether you’re purchasing your costume or making it from scratch, always remember that your time and effort spent getting the pieces together will be worth it as long as you are committed to the project with all of your might. Rock on with your fabulous selves, Hopefuls~


Want in on the action? Are you dying to show off your costume? Just click on these links for info on some of the next major cons! They’re local~

MAGFest: Jan. 23-26, 2015

KatsuCon: Feb. 13-15, 2015

AwesomeCon : May 29-31, 2015

Otakon: July 24-26, 2015

Anime USA: Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2015 (This site has not been updated for 2015 yet, but check back soon!)


Like what you see? Then please leave a comment below! Let us know if you’re planning on going to any of these cons, or any that weren’t mentioned! Retweet, Share, Favorite~

Tell us about your cosplay experiences!

**All images lovingly borrowed from their respective image sharing websites.

January 9, 2015
by The OJBG Team

OJBGs 5 Favorite Things from 2014

By Steph

It is bitterly cold here in DC right now. With the holidays gone and our winter break vacations over (sadly) I took some time to remember some little things I discovered this year or were discovered for me by my friends and then given to me.

1. These awesome funny socks from BlueQ.com. They say things like You’re not the boss of me. And Cats. They give one percent to Doctors without Borders.They are colorful. And they make me laugh. Like my friend who gave them to me who is a blues singer and a hellraiser. Which is another type of socks they make.


2. Branddave. Caught his artwork at Dolcezza today and one of his prints made me lel even though no coffee yet. Even though it’s technically 2015, he makes the list because my blog. Can buy his prints there and eat a ham and cheese croissant and go into a pleasure coma.
3. Harney and Sons looseleaf Peppermint tea. It’s looseleaf and comes in pretty cannister. I make it in my hacked Keurig because otherwise looseleaf tea is too complicated. *Be careful opening the tin or you might look like #Miley with her salvia. Most peppermint tea gives me a stomachache because its too minty while I’m just trying to calm down. I got it from Kripalu. Kripalu is a place I went this summer with my friend. It’s a cool place to relax..hey wait, I just found a number 4.

HT Collection Banner 8-7-14 copy
4. Kripalu. If you want to reimagine college, take a break from your partner, or might be having a nervous breakdown over how awesome life was in 1994 and whether or not you’ll ever have that much fun again, take this trip to Stockbridge. You can share a way too small a room with a friend, you can eat in silence if you want (we couldn’t because we would have laughed) and you can not take yoga and sit outside on the green lawn and laugh and eat candy. You can also lie down in a dark room under a cuddly blanket and listen to a “guided meditation.” I might have fallen asleep but isn’t that reaching #Nirvana too?


5. All these wonderful web series made by and/or starring women. Broad City. The Actress the Series. Little Horribles. My Mad Fat Diary UK and of course OJBG that told me little bits about myself. Because it really is these things that make our lives great: tea, friends, laughter and art. Happy 2015! Can’t wait to see the new year has in store for all of us! xo OJBG

OJBG new website

December 15, 2014
by The OJBG Team

Gwen’s Holiday Wish List

Tall blond & beautiful (as our intern Morgan describes her), Gwendolyn ‘Gwen’ Ennis is a Capricorn who loves the color lavender and bubble gum ice cream. She’s like pre-softgrunge #softgrunge. Here’s a few picks from her holiday *wish* list. Hopefully, it will give you some cool gift ideas. And for more Gwen inspired fashion and stuff on her wish list, check out her Pinterest page. Only 10 more shopping days? Meh. We totally got this.

Perennial Power Boot: $93.99 (on sale!), ModCloth


Infinity, Anchor, Camera ModWrap (Black): $15, GoModestly.combracelet cameraanchorblack1

Vintage Daisy Grunge Dress: $36, Etsyvintdaisygrungedress

Graphite Grunge Sculptures: starting at $33, TheGrommet.com

graphite sculp

Faber-Castell Pitt Big Brush Pastel Pen Set: $21.50,


December 8, 2014
by The OJBG Team

Laura the Goth’s Holiday *Wish* List

It’s that time again…the holiday shopping season is upon us. {The horrors.} We thought we’d post a weekly blog about what the #OJBG kids would want from Santa – and hopefully give you some good ideas too. Hmmm..what to get Laura the Goth? She likes black, voodoo, post punk, dark chocolate ice cream and she plays the bass. Oh and she’s a Scorpio. Check out her Pinterest page for holiday gift ideas for your own moody goth. http://www.pinterest.com/ojbishopsgarden/laura-the-goths-holiday-gift-wish-list-ojbg/