April 16, 2014
by The OJBG Team

Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition XXI

By Kathleen.

Though last weekend I had the most fun I’ve had in awhile, I’m paying for it now. I swear, each day I wake up more sleepy than the last, but I’m not complaining. I’ll take a fully-booked weekend with wonderful weather in lieu of shut eye for the alternative: frigid cold days that keep me bound inside.

But this weekend, I am looking forward to some lounging around time with the family. I’m sure it’ll include multiple board games (wish me luck!) and indecisive moments spent trying to figure out what movie to watch (any recommendations?). But, alas, let’s get to the ABCs already…

a is for ambrosial | The newest culinary blog I follow, Top with Cinnamon, has a recipe for a decadent, yet healthy sauce made with dates. It’s the perfect blend of salty & sweet, and I highly recommend you give it a try.

b is for bookish | As an avid proponent of both food & literature, I couldn’t be more fond of these snapshots from Dinah Fried’s Fictitious Dishes. I really should purchase a copy.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.12.25 AM









Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.11.41 AMScreen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.12.59 AM








c is for curated | It seems like the folks of Filmfest DC have curated a super round of flicks for their festival, which kicks off tomorrow. I’m particularly excited to see Beyond the Walls.

April 11, 2014
by The OJBG Team

OJBG-inspired Manicure

By Kathleen.

Is there really a better way to celebrate spring than with a manicure inspired by your OJBG girl crush? I think not. Here’s what the crew of OJBG might don to usher in this cheery new season.

Sarah :: essie’s first timer.

castsarah2first_timer copy

It’s no secret that Sarah confronts many new experiences, but on her path of self discovery, she remains a girl who cares about her friends & loved ones.

Alex :: Butter’s Airy Fairy.


Perfect for the nights when she frequents raves or for when she daydreams under starry night skies.

Gwen :: Illamasqua’s Collide.

castgwen2Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 2.28.55 PM 

The pink color reminds me of her envious heart-shapped sunglasses & bubbly personality.

Chloe :: Rainbow Honey’s Explosions in the Sky.



Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 2.43.51 PM

Never quite sure what she wants, Chloe would probably dig this nail polish, which exudes all colors of the rainbow.

Libby :: Rainbow Honey’s All My Stars.



Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 2.47.14 PM

Always down to party, Libby wouldn’t be afraid to rock a polish that’s not just full of color, but also of stars.

Tamsin :: Deborah Lippman’s Laughin to the Bank.

casttamsinScreen Shot 2014-04-11 at 2.52.32 PM

The inner rock star in Tasmin would totally dig this dark green polish, even if she didn’t admit to it.

Remi :: Nails Inc.’s Galaxy.

castremi_2Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 2.58.16 PM

The name is Galaxy — I needn’t say more.

April 9, 2014
by The OJBG Team

Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition XX

logoBy Kathleen.

I am the most indecisive person on the face of this Earth. That is all.

a is for asparagus | Now, I know I typically stick with adjectives, but I  keep seeing so many new recipes cropping up with this green veggie, making it forever on the brain. It’s like all my favorite food bloggers realized at once that warm(ish) weather = spring = asparagus! But, I’m not complaining — in fact, I’m eating asparagus right now as I type this post.

b is for beatific | This morning, I went for a run under the canopy of cherry blossoms. I’ve now determined that anything involving cherry blossoms is sure to be beatific. (This was a surprisingly decisive moment for me.) Circling back to Cherry Blossom Yoga…


c is for cooing | I still can’t figure out whether I’ll even be in town this weekend (indecision, again), but for those who are, you should really go see The Walking Sticks perform Friday.

April 7, 2014
by The OJBG Team

Confession Time

By Kathleen.

My name is Kathleen, and I am addicted to snail mail & sweet potatoes. I include sweet potatoes purely out of devotion, but the main point of this post is to discuss my new-found love of handwritten correspondence.

As a longtime logophile, I’m not too surprised by this news; however, I can’t take credit for the discovery. Rather, I must blame my sister, who has been one-upping me for sometime by sending cute cards to all our relatives.

The only trouble is, now, I have a terrible time turning away an adorable artisan card whenever I see one. Hence, the reason I purchased nearly a dozen new cards this weekend. Here are two I’m particularly fond of:

Bought at THREAD

Bought at THREAD


Bought at MeetMarket

Bought at MeetMarket

April 2, 2014
by The OJBG Team

Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition XVIIII


By Kathleen.

Spring fling! This weekend, with all the rad activities planned, I’ll be flinging myself across the District.


a is for artisan | There are SO many markets occurring this weekend.

  1. Yay! The return of District Flea
  2. THREAD at Dock5//Union Market
  3. DC MEETMarket
  4. U Street Flea (haven’t had a chance to check this one out yet, but I’m super excited to do so.)

b is for blossomy | Sadly my inner yogi has been slightly dormant these past few weeks, but that’s about to change cause I signed up for the free Cherry Blossom Yoga class happening this Saturday! CANNOT wait to do yoga outside.

c is for caloric | Typically, the wonderful markets listed above are also equipped with vendors selling delicious food. And, in the case of THREAD, it’s located right above Union Market & next to Dolcezza’s new factory — need I say more?

Side note, though slightly related, I’m also incredibly enthused to participate in my first DC Food Swap on Sunday!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

March 31, 2014
by The OJBG Team

The Most Talented Man

By Kathleen.

On Saturday, my mom & grandma came to visit me for the Pentatonix concert. If you haven’t heard the group’s version of “Little Drummer Boy,” Google it now. It’s the sole reason I was initially intrigued by a cappella.

But that’s beside the point of this post, which is really about Kevin Olusola. Not only is he the amazing beat boxer behind Pentatonix’s sounds, but he is also a cellist, who can beat box while playing. That takes some serious coordination. I mean, I often have a hard time putting one foot in front of the other without tripping. But maybe that’s just me.

Regardless, you really should check him out, as I promise my rambling doesn’t do his sound justice.

Also, members of PTX (if you happen to be reading this), never bring my grandmother up onto stage & sing to her because — fair warning — if you do, she’ll “goose” you. [Apologies, it's an inside joke that only the Uber cab driver + my family will understand.]

March 26, 2014
by The OJBG Team

Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition XVIII

logoBy Kathleen.

Gonna sound like a broken record here, but how is it almost April & DC is still getting snow?!? I thought it was April showers — meaning rain, not snow — bring May flowers.

a is for aural | Woo-hoo! I’ve been looking forward to this weekend since I heard the “Little Drummer Boy.” Okay, so not the first time I ever heard the song, but since I was clued into Pentatonix’s rendition of it. Soon after, I looked to see if the group was touring DC, and low and behold, this Saturday marks the occasion!

b is for brotherly | I’m sure I’ve already professed my love for sweet potatoes, so there’s no need to rehash my affinity for [/addition to] them, but I recently discovered a new treat I’m affectionately dubbing the brother to the sweet potato: the parsnip. Sure, I’ve had parsnips before, but the other day, I stumbled upon the most magical way to cook them. Simply slice them into the shape of fries, coat them in olive oil and all your favorite fall spices (think pumpkin spice, cinnamon, cardamon + more), and sprinkle on some sea salt. Then roast them in the oven at 425 degree F; you won’t be disappointed.

c is for curious | I clearly have one curious cat. Picture below will explain it all.


March 24, 2014
by The OJBG Team

Weekend Recap: New DC finds & fabulous times

By Kathleen.

I’m pretty sure the rest of Washington would agree, the weather was glorious this past Saturday. These random sun-shinning days have become some of my favorite because they’ve allowed me to explore the capital more. The following are some of my new favorites:

1. Rock Creek Park

I’ve been running in the District since I came here in August, but for some reason, I’ve never tested out this trail and, boy, was I missing out. Based on this, I’m pretty sure I ran the Rock Creek Trail (South) portion, and it was absolutely gorgeous thanks to the creek and all the trees. Plus, it’s always a lot more fun to run outside while others are moving and grooving, too.

2. Pleasant Pops

Which flavor looks the best to you??

Which flavor looks the best to you??

Though I’ve come across their pop-up stand at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market, I had never been to their brick & mortar shop. Unfortunately, I decided to go on Sunday, when it was a tad too cold for a popsicle, but I’m looking forward to circling back their come summertime.

3. Farmers, Fishers, Bakers (specifically the apple-walnut-raisin bread)

GO and get yourself the Farmer’s Daughter’s Sandwich — even if you’re not a vegetarian, you won’t be disappointed. Just check out the parenthesis above for reassurance (IT WAS SO TASTY.).

March 19, 2014
by The OJBG Team

Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition XVII

logoBy Kathleen.

I’m still gushing over this past week weekend, but I guess days spent with some of your favorite people on this planet will do that to you. I’ll spare you the love song & will try to be more forward looking with these ABCs, though (pst. if you want to read some of last weekend’s highlights, check out this post.).

a if for adventurous | Here’s hoping the weather holds up on Saturday because I intend to explore the District. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed those random blissful, warm days when I’ve been able to hit the DC pavement — and I’m hoping to go for another run this weekend. Gotta work up an appetite for the opening of Dolcezza’s Tasting Room!

b is for blithe | Maybe it’s just me, but lately I’ve felt like there’s not enough emphasis on the positive in life. Usher in the happiness brunch. This weekend I’m hosting my first potluck brunch where friends have only 2 minutes each to vent, & then we can only think (& talk) positive thoughts. I’m still debating what to cook & am open to suggestions, but the following look enticing…


Naturally Ella’s Sweet Potato Breakfast Taquitos

Apple Pancake from Love & Lemons

Apple Pancake from Love & Lemons


Roasted Pear & Chocolate Chunk Scones by Smitten Kitchen

c is for crowded | Tomorrow night I plan to attend my first Meetup event & I’m pretty excited to be one of over 700(!) people who has RSVP’d. The programming for the DC Tech Meetup #27 looks interesting & quite relevant to 20/20′s work.

March 17, 2014
by The OJBG Team

Pittsburgh Lovin’

By Kathleen.

As someone who spent formative high school years in Pa. & went on to attend college in the grand state, it sadly took me over 10 years to finally visit Pittsburgh. That all changed this past weekend, when I nearly fell in love with the city. Perhaps it was simply the company of my college roommates, but I had such a wonderful time.

The following are some highlights:

1. The Mattress Factory | If this place doesn’t evoke the inner child in you, I don’t know what will. One exhibit actually made me hallucinate shadows of people — and, side note for clarification, I was not under the influence of any substances.


2. Eden | I finished brunch by proclaiming I just ate the best omelet I’ve ever tasted, and the rest of my crew also reported stellar reviews.

3. Church Brew Works | I really wonder what the initial reception of this church turned into a bar was, but regardless, I really enjoyed my chocolate stout and brussel sprouts.


4. Duquense Incline | Super touristy, but the view is totally worth it.


5. Acacia | Always down to try a speakeasy, & though this one seemed heavy on the whisky (not a huge whisky fan), the waitress happily recommended a gin drink, which suited my palette much more.

What’s your favorite Pittsburgh stop?