February 7, 2018
by The OJBG Team

The Official Hotel for DC Web Fest #6 is…

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.55.27 PM

The Hyatt Place DC/US Capital (right on New York Ave)! We are super excited to be working with the Hyatt this year :) We spent ample time researching numerous other DC hotels BUT our experience with the Hyatt has been absolute TOP NOTCH- not only with Hyatt Place DC/US Capital but with every Hyatt we contacted. Their attentiveness certainly surpasses that of many other hotels (including some 5 stars).

We initially contacted one Hyatt location to see if they had availability during DC Web Fest 6 dates (April 6-April 7). That location didn’t have any availability BUT they passed our request and contact to other Hyatt locations in DC. We immediately received responses from the other Hyatts and Hyatt Place DC/US Capital was the one we chose due to its location and convenience (the others were just as great too). We have been emailing back and forth to secure everything and it’s just been awesome working with them thus far! We are certain that they will provide our out-of-town guests with an amazing stay in the nations capital.

It’s crazy to know that DC Web Fest 6 will kickoff in just 2 months. We have so much amazing content amongst other cool things planned for you all at the festival this year. Stay tuned!

January 4, 2018
by The OJBG Team

An Excellent New Year

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 4.43.37 PM Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 4.37.34 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-04 at 5.10.02 PM

Happy Happy New Year from your DC Web Fest fam!  This is Diana here, and I just want to share a little bit of what has been on my heart lately. EXCELLENCE. It’s not just something you do, it’s what you are. Each day when we wake up, whether it’s cloudy or sunny, snowing or raining, we should fix our minds to be EXCELLENT! Now on our journey to excellence, we will FAIL and make MISTAKES; However, these things are only steps that make you stronger on your path to excellence. How can one build muscles unless there is some resistance?

So, I’m sure you’re wondering why the Prince magazine covers above. Simply put, he was one of the best to do it. He realized he was musically inclined at a very young age, mastering numerous instruments by his teenage years. How many other musicians have you seen on the front cover of multiple instrument magazines? Prince took what he had and ran FAR with it all the way up to his last day on earth, paving the path for the following generations.

Everyone was sent to this earth with DOPE talents and gifts- it’s just a matter of tapping into them. Don’t know what your “thing” is? Well, it’s usually something that you don’t mind losing sleep over. It’s usually something you think about and desire often. It’s usually something that just comes natural. Practicing and learning it doesn’t really seem like “work”, but fun because you enjoy it so much. Once you tap into your gift(s)/passion(s), decide you’re going to be the absolute best you possible can and only measure yourself against yourself, aiming to be better each day.

Bottom line- whatever you love to do, BECOME THE BEST AT IT! Practice and study, study and practice. Be relentless. Don’t make a New Years Resolution this year. Make a lifetime decision to divorce your hindering bad habits and marry excellence. It’ll be one of the greatest relationships you can have in life.

For geniuses who are living out your passion(s) through creating digital media, there’s still time to show us what you’ve got! Who knows, your work just may be featured at the 2018 DC Web Fest.

Take care,

Diana A. Eaton


December 27, 2017
by The OJBG Team

A Season to be Thankful

The new year is soon approaching us! We have smashed turkey, mac n’ cheese, green beans, collard greens, pumpkin pie, apple pie à la mode, fried chicken, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes…OK I’ll stop listing food now because it’s starting to sound gluttonous (LOL). Then there are also relatives. Aahhhh. Some of them you are genuinely excited to see, then others….you know….you can only tolerate them in doses (mainly during the holidays). Everyone has that one aunt who has absolutely NO FILTER on her mouth. Any and everything can come out at any given time!

Anyhow, the holiday season is a great time to be simply….YOU’VE GUESSED IT…THANKFUL. No one’s life is perfect, but we all have SOMETHING to be thankful for. Sometimes we can get so caught up in life’s hurdles, we overlook the simple things to rejoice about. Check out the following list of the simplest things we should be grateful for (as they apply to us)::

  • Wellness/health
  • Sanity
  • Laughter
  • Peace
  • Loved ones/support system
  • Food (that we don’t have to hunt for or farm. Note- our pets eat better than some of the folks in underdeveloped countries)
  • Clean water
  • A decent roof to reside under
  • Joy
  • Healthy relationships
  • Clothes
  • Employment
  • Transportation
  • Love
  • Prosperity
  • Creativity (got creative content? We want to see it!)

Maybe only one thing on the list applies to you (some of us have some pretty unfortunate lives), BUT if you can just find ONE thing to be thankful for, try to meditate on that. It’s not always easy, but you may find a little joy creeping into your heart if you just focus on one thing you can be thankful for.




December 13, 2017
by The OJBG Team

Do We Know Know Our Rights?? (Part 1)


As creatives, we treat our creations like our babies. We put everything into them. We nourish them. We want to show them off to the whole world. We are proud of them (even if they’re not that great). Most of all, we want to PROTECT them. We want the whole world to know that our creations are OURS, and no one else’s. Did you know that your content (be it literary works, musical, visual, etc.) is automatically under copyright protection the moment it is created? The only criteria the work must meet in order to be protected is it must be perceptible, either directly or by a device. In layman’s terms, only actual works can be protected, not ideas. As the content creator/copyright holder, you SOLELY have the exclusive rights to the resale and distribution of your work! Check out this informative article written by DCWF friend Kim Tignor, who is the Director of Public Policy for the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and phenomenal Author/Writer/Influencer, Jouelzy. Now, that you have a better understanding of your rights as a content creator, WE WANT TO SEE YOUR WORK! We are gladly accepting submissions for the 6th edition of the DC Web Fest.

-Diana Eaton, DC Web Fest Team

November 15, 2017
by The OJBG Team

Got Content?

Kind of like sports, there is a world cup for web series, created by the one and only Joël Bassaget. The whole idea is to provide web fest creators with a platform for healthy competition- may the dopest content win! The process includes collecting the results from the best webfests around the world and publishing a table of the most awarded web series of the year to provide the audience with an up-to-date listing of the best content. Created in 2015, the series has evolved to become apart of Cannes MIPTV to showcase its top ten web series. All roads lead to Cannes!

This is an awesome indie movement and we, the DC Web Fest, are honored to be apart of it. Though the world cup is ultimately a competition, it’s a win-win situation. Regardless of WHICH web series wins, we all win ultimately as we unite as a global community to maintain the indie spirit. What do we want? What is the goal? TO KEEP THE PENS WRITING AND CAMERAS ROLLING ON INDIE CONTENT! We’ve gotta’ keep this awesome thing going.

Got content? We want it! Who knows, maybe you’ll just end up at Cannes one of these days.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 12.14.22 PM


November 8, 2017
by The OJBG Team

Language Can No Longer Keep Us Apart

SO AT LAST! Much thanks to Google, IBM, Waverly Labs, and Mymanu for tearing down the language barrier that has hindered us from the privilege of enjoying each other’s authentic content from across the globe! Subtitles are great, but how about being able to simply pop-in some pocket-sized ear buds that will translate language in real-time. In other words, rather than having to read subtitles (which can be a minor distraction from the visuals), you can just pop-in the translator earbuds and enjoy the content in its full authenticity- the original language in which it was meant to be heard in. This is super great because it’s not just about seeing content, but it’s also about experiencing.


Otessa (DC Web Fest founder) recently gave a brilliant presentation at the Bilbao Web Fest where she discussed the rapid evolution of technology. Here’s the dilemma:  50% of internet content is in English, only 20% of the world’s population has some English skills, and 80% of the web is in only 10 languages. Problematic, right? Check out the internet maps below. The image to the left shows the massive use of the internet at different times across the globe, whereas the image to the right represents the internet as a massive universe, with numerous strands (users) intertwined. That being said, these translator ear buds are a major game changer for all festivals (and people) across the globe!


October 2, 2017
by The OJBG Team

Friday at the Mosaic

More location scouting for the right one- the right venue that is for DC Web Fest #6. So, we hopped on Interstate 66 into the Mosaic District of Fairfax, VA. One word to describe it- LIVE. Maaaan, the place is ultra dope! There is so much to do and it’s still in development, as it’s only a few years old. Surrounded by hip apartments and and 4-level town homes with urban design, the Mosaic District is home of the Angelika Mosaic (the theater we fell in love with). There are also numerous places to grab a bite to eat and something sweet to drink. We were like kids in the candy shop. The minute we arrived camera phones and the DSLR were snappin’ shots left and right. Will the Mosaic be the home of DC Web Fest #6? Not sure yet. But it’s darn sure a good spot to chill!


September 26, 2017
by The OJBG Team

Location, Location, Location

Location scouting…aahhhhh…one of the many pleasures of throwing together the 6th edition of the nation’s capital’s first ever festival that entertains and educates through the promotion and showcasing of digital media arts. DC Web Fest 6 is coming right on along- IN FACT, submissions are officially open as of…NOW!

So we have spent loads of time trying to find the perfect home for DC Web Fest 6 and we checked out the Angelika Theatre at Union Market. It’s a beautiful venue! it has that most-dope indie vibe, and it’s in a pretty convenient location- NE D.C., right off of the NoMa-Gallaudet U metro stop. There are plenty of cool eateries, coffee shops, and other fun places to explore at the adjacent Union Market. The whole area just has a artsy feel to it. Graffiti adorns the sides of many of the buildings. Doc 5 is a nearby old warehouse with venue charm that hosts various events, from weddings to festivals. That’s just what true artists do- create and bring new out of the old.

So, this place definitely feels like a great potential home for DC Web Fest 6. Will it be the set venue? We don’t know yet. Still have a little more exploring to do BUT this place is definitely in our top five list.

Stay tuned!

Photo credit: Diana Eaton

Photo credit: Diana Eaton



August 7, 2017
by The OJBG Team

From DC to LA


Hey! This is  Diana with the DC Web Fest team. Don’t know about you, but it is pouring over here in DC. The air is cool and the sky is grey. Some sun would be nice, but God had other plans for today’s weather…oh well.

Anyways, I’m just sitting here reflecting on my wonderful time in Los Angeles last week. Long story short, I’m in the graduate film program at American University. One of my professors encouraged me to submit an academic paper to a professional conference, so I did. Didn’t really think my paper would get accepted, but it did! So I got to fly out to Cali (for the very first time), ALL EXPENSES PAID- so awesome. I boarded the plane in cloudy, humid, hot Maryland and got off the plane in sunny LA. The weather was around a comfortable 75 degrees with a nice breeze. Tall palm trees surrounded me and the mountains towered over the city in the background. Never seen anything quite like it.

I made so many awesome connections at the conference, from professors to screenwriters. It was a great opportunity to not only share my work, but to also intake and learn from the work of others. I’ve never presented at a professional conference before, so of course I was NERVOUS! But there were nothing but positive vibes. Can’t wait to add this one to my resume :)

I was in LA a total of 6 days but it went by absolutely too fast! Each day I found myself taking time to just gaze at the sky, the mountains, the palm trees, you know, all the awesome things that make LA what it is. My only regret is not having time to explore various areas such as the Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica Beach, etc. But it’s all good! I WILL BE BACK! The trip was  a major breath of fresh air and a clear indication that a new beginning is on the horizon.

July 28, 2017
by The OJBG Team

Art as Our Escape: The Artscape Recap

Baltimore- a city THRIVING with history, vibrance, culture, and ART! Especially in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District, where many of the 2017 ARTSCAPE festivities took place.

For those who aren’t familiar with Artscape, it’s basically a free arts festival held each year that promotes and showcases the various forms of artistic creations. It usually takes place during mid-late July, starting Friday and ending Sunday. It’s pretty much a playground for anyone who loves art. If you’ve never been to the Station North Arts and Entertainment District in Baltimore, you should definitely check it out! It’s a community filled with various theaters, musical venues, urban row homes adorned with beautiful graffiti, and plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. Right around the corner is MICA (the Maryland Institute of Arts), a place where many aspiring artists and creatives develop and thrive.

Many folks walked the streets of Cathedral, North Ave., and Mount Royal (just to name a few) to check out the plethora of artistic works and products showcased in the various festival tents. The aroma of char-grilled foods filled the humid summer air. Rain trickled from the sky but no one really cared because 1) it was hot as heck, so the rain actually felt good 2) It’s ARTSCAPE! It goes on- rain or sunshine! Musicians and singers graced the main stage to fill the atmosphere with tunes from multiple decades. A youth dance company elegantly danced to the beats of their own tunes. Emerging young musicians and singers performed under professional instruction at the Meyerhoff (symphony hall). Haagen-Dazs gave away free pineapple-coconut ice cream (OMG it was so good). There was no fighting, or foolishness. It was just all about ART and LOVE- two things that seem to always bring people together.

If you didn’t make it to Artscape this year, GO NEXT YEAR! Even if it’s just for one day. It’ll be time well spent and you won’t regret it. Intake and let inspiration consume you. Meanwhile, check out Sheila E. rock out during her performance at the festival on Friday!