May 28, 2015

A Y.A. web series where naive and rebellious teens grow up and get down in the 90's grunge era.

“And Then There Were Three” was put into the into vault. If you like OJBG, why don’t you buy it from our Etsy store?! Making a show takes a lot of hard work and we rely on viewers like you to support the indie arts. You can also watch this chapter in the Summer of 1996 feature film.

Summer of ’96 – Chapter 6

Remi’s been busted and she CANNOT be trusted. The last 12 hours have been a roller coaster ride and everyone’s ready to get off. Without the leader of the pack, Tamsin, Libby and Alex band together to find their way out of the rabbit hole and try to make sense of it all. NEXT WEEK: The return of Gwen & Sarah.

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